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I mean to me the better deal is six years to forty million ear instead of thirty million a year, and you could go back after three years to get an opt out, you could go back and get more and makes total sense. But I think the the perception of having that beating that tenure three twenty five spite your face the perception shouldn't out rule what the better deal is in the better deal. It'd be forty million a year instead of thirty million talk to Scott Boris. That's just what he's got it at the end of the day of those were his two choices Scott's pretty practical and pretty smart and a port. And according to all reports also is that that first ten year three hundred million was not the first deal that was that was only the first deal they actually offered more on top of that later on and just hasn't been reported out. So I kind of agree with? With Dylan Hernandez who said that the dodgers. Oh their fans Bryce Harper. I think they do. I mean, you know, what the driven town, man. The one thing about UCLA was he I four eight a totally solid season last year both defensively and ofensive -ly. He had a really good postseason. He hit that big home run in the Washington series. Not the Washington who who's the first on the Braves series and won that game. And he was the guy who was the fun. He was the guy who is licking his bat. He was the guy who is running. I third. He was the guy that was making laser throws mean he was one of the guys you wanted to see and was fun to watch. And he's gone now. I can't say that any of the current dodgers mean collectively, they're fun to watch. Because it's a really good team. But there's no real star in the bunch. I mean Walker here's another question. I have for you guys. I agree with that. By the way, everything you just said. I think Dylan and you're right. If opening day was tomorrow. Who starts Walker bueller or Clayton Kershaw? Well, I think I think Walker Buehler's got better stuff. But I do think there's the the dodgers would would start Clayton Kershaw. What do you think? Greg. Clayton Kershaw will be starting in my mind. Yeah. It's weird that everybody thinks what Mason just said everyone thinks it Walker Bieler has better stuff at this stage of their careers, yet Kershaw gets grandfathered in you know, it's weird. He started basically every the last seven or eight opening days, and he's still a guy that you need to be believed that he is the ace and he's still teaching Walker Beulah. But sooner or later, I can pivot to something that kind of has to do with this or we up against it or we are three minutes. Okay. So I want to I'm going to do a pivot here. Okay. Did you guys? The second round of all star votes that were released by the NBA. Oh, yeah. No. I didn't see him. Okay. So here's the front court in the Western Conference Chen. Number one, vocab her LeBron James, two point seven million votes. Number. Two Luca Dante, wow is captured lightning in a bottle to point to number three Paul George who's having an all star season one point eight..

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