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Yes and welcome to this first episode review of the Mega Particle. I'm very happy to be here. I'm your host Jonathan weakened and we are once again going on an excursion into podcasting excellence. So today we're going to do something a little bit different. We're in the middle of our con- series swaggie. Something just a little bit change of pace. We're going to do a episode review of card episode five started city rag now. A lot of you may be thinking. Wait a minute. Why are you doing episode five when I go back and do the first four episodes now? That's a very valid question. That is a great question. My wife actually pose ETA. Means like why are you doing five instead of one through four and the reason is is because when we created this podcast there there was already two or three episodes already out so it felt kind of to go backtrack and they're already month old. Maybe a month and a half old. So it's like okay so we're GONNA have to go back and we're going to have to talk about things that probably would have already listener reviews on people already gone over. Bunch may even watch multiple times. So we're GONNA hit the ground running and go with new episodes and we might do more episode reviews if you guys want to if you guys like it. Please send feedback to us. Her instagram name is Omega Particle. Podcast so feel free to message some on there every day posting in reviewing talking to you guys so please feel free to reach out and let me know if you WanNa do more episode reviews or if you guys are just WanNa stick to of story lines just interesting things about track and news about trek now is we get into. Picard episode five. I WANNA cover one thing. I know the very introduction episode. I mention that we wouldn't be doing a whole series episodic reviews now what I meant by that was we wouldn't be doing like deep space nine. We wouldn't be doing voyager when be doing a T and g complete series run simply because they're twenty plus years old. We've already seen him. However for the new stuff I am debating and thinking hey this might be fun and it may just be because episode five was so good and I loved it. Hey let's do some reviews and probably kind of a more relaxed fit episodes so not as much indepth deep dives is our normal episodes. Kinda just relax fit or I'll having fun so getting into the episode.

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