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Komo komo's seth wayne going for a mix of clouds the day this deep marine layer going to stick with us through much of the morning at into the afternoon with high temperatures in the low seventies where we'll see mostly sunny skies mid sixty s on your friday we're going with chances to morning drizzles saturday otherwise we're calling for a mostly to partly cloudy weekend ahead all good morial day on monday i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center right now in downtown seattle we have cloudy skies it's fifty six komo news time eight oh six some people don't have electricity in south everett this morning more than six thousand two hundred people all because of an equipment failure the snohomish county pd is working to get the lights back on they hope to have everyone back on line by nine thirty the man accused in a cold case murder of jennifer bastion is back in wash washington robert washburn has been booked into the pierce county jail could appear in court today he's charged with first degree murder in the nineteen eightysix killing of bastion in tacoma police arrested washburn in illinois earlier this month after he willingly gave a dna sample that matched evidence on the victims bathing suit a little bit more about a homeless man in seattle whose identity has been a mystery his court appointed guardian tells us they finally learned his name he's sixty seven years old he's from renton and he's a military veteran the guardian also says they managed to track down his sister who's been looking for him since the nineteen eighties the man has been known as kenny kenny and he was in the hospital for several months after being treated for frostbite under the current legal system he couldn't leave the hospital until his guardian learned his real name they're not revealing the real name to us.

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