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And which these if any are open book. Finally how do you try to maintain standards of academic integrity with repeat test opportunities and open book test. Thank you for considering questions. I look forward to hearing your take care kevin. Thanks for the call jerry. It's always great to hear from you and of course i'm thrilled anytime. I got on the podcast hotline. Now this set of questions. That jerry sent isn't all that long but as you might expect my answers are gonna be long. They are going to take some time most of the rest of this episode in fact so we'll take each question in a separate segment so that you know where you can easily pause to. I don't know returner call that you've got on your outline now. All my answers are kind of interrelated so if it seems like i missed an opportunity to fully explain things. It's probably one of two things happening. Either i'm gonna come back around to it is i answer a later question or it's wealth. I miss the opportunity. In which case you're encouraged to call the podcast hotline and ask follow up questions. I'll give you that number in case you don't have it memorized. Ready at the end of the episode before we get started. I want to emphasize that. I'm answering from my own experience with my own courses because jerry asked me. It's not at all that. I'm trying to promote my way is the best way or they. You should follow my pattern exactly or in any way. But i do think that will we hear about what other faculty of tried successfully in their own courses in this case me and mine courses. It bronze our perspective and adds potential new arrows in our quiver of teaching strategies. Or maybe it gets us thinking differently about how to shoot the arrows that we already have in our quiver. And i also want to emphasize that i didn't invent any.

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