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He did a lot of in high school. He was a good athlete, really good basketball player and I mean, he's got great hands. We've seen it. ALS highlights and playing basketball on things. So yeah, he does a good job of that. How? How versatile is he? I mean, how many other positions could he Theoretically play a lot. He's a good athlete. I mean, he messes rang. Throw the ball about seven yards for annals of fullback. Tailback, You know, athletic, gather, catch the ball and do a lot of things, but We got getting better deal on first. We're we're getting thin at the position, and it's one of those that he is not skills are sharp. He's not. AH, fundamentally sound players, just a good athlete. And we've gotta get it fundamentally found. Can you can you line him up in the wild dog? He could do a direct snap right to him take off running, and I think the other defenders would not like to see that coming at him. Brian in Eatonton, Georgia says Our guys are are are guys pretty well conditioned at this point in the season? You know, I think my concern about everybody's. I don't know that there's any team that's in the conditioning they need to be in now. I always look ahead. You know, we've got night game this week, and we're supposed to have a night game next week, And when you start looking at the the TV times, it takes it out of it. But you know, it's been unusually warm. It feels like a couple days. So we go outside and we're practicing in 80 84 degree weather and were zapped. You should be careful because we're not going to play in that. Then you really don't need to zap pertain during the week and so we've tried to rotate. You know who's in who's out, you know, get the indoor nice and cool because we're gonna play a really cool weather so I think we're in good shape, but we're not in the shape that we've been in years past. Is it? Is it a mixture of conditioning during the season, a weight training and aerobics and you know all of that stuff, Or is there one thing that you focus on Mohr when you're in season? Yeah, we tryto maintain still gain a little bit in the weight room. We lift probably harder than most teams do when we do lift but Christian clear does a great job of picking out the plan of what it feels like. We need and A lot of that has to do with conditioning. I'm always like, well, if I condition more, they're going to be more tired. But yet the conditioning pays off in the fourth quarter of a lot of games less in Atlanta since in this question, how much does a good run? How much does a good run game help open up the rest of the playbook? Huge. You know, when you can run the ball, there's a lot of things you can do. You keep them off balance you, Khun Ah, no sets of the play Action pass. It makes them play you differently, so run games huge, but it's also something that Teens in the typical could take away and what we're seeing now is we're seeing astounding numbers, but it's not just rushing numbers. It's just through the air. You know, teens were throwing and catching the ball. Better And some things are just they're both run. They just don't try it. You know, it slows down rushers. It's one of the best tools. You got Slow people now from pass rush. How do you feel like the Bulldogs are running the football right now? All right. I mean, we've had some successful plays just hard. I mean, like I said, I don't Alabama rose ball really well, but I don't know anybody in our league just comes out and just run roughshod over people..

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