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So. Here we go. You just won't give it up. You just won't give in to what I've been trying to explain to you from day one on this show, the Dallas Cowboys go as number four they go as Dak Prescott goes he is the heartbeat of this football team. He is the alpha. He is the leader. He is the driving force. And he is turned into one of the great playmakers in this league to I'm not arguing anything that you said that he's the heartbeat that he's the leader. I'm not arguing that. So let's look at what really happened here when Russell Wilson. Come and I have the highest respect for Russell Wilson because you wanna talk about making plays. He made three throws in that game. Where I just sat back and said that's just too good. You know, he made blind throws with Blitzer is right in his face and he just threw rainbows to Doug Baldwin. And then to lock it a couple of times. I just said that's just too good. But. Prescott was better Dak Prescott outplayed Russell Wilson. Dak Prescott responded again and again and overcame Russell Wilson. Because what happened in the third quarter late in the third quarter? Russell Wilson drove them down. And finally to your point. They went read option keep keep twice twice touchdown. There was and I was like we we can't stop that. If they keep doing that. And what a Dak Prescott do he responded once again because he is the leader of this football team. And they go nine plays sixty seven yards. And by the way, the signature play on that drive to get them into the red zone was thirty four yards to Amari Cooper. So I don't know he's thinking and acting. But that that was one of the only today. To route. And then all of a sudden he goes another twenty four yards and now thirty four yard completion. Ain't what it wasn't thirty four yards air travel. So that set up second and four at the ten yard line. What is my team struggled with all year long? What is stymied them red zone scoring touchdowns? In the rhythm kick. Field goals, we got those. But I'm talking about down seventy points in the red zone. So on second of four from the ten what did the leader of my football team? Do he audibles out of whatever the play call was. And I couldn't bleed. This was the audible this was the fallback play. This is do you remember the single wing because my first days in pop Warner football those days single wing football. He gets the ball snap to him. And he runs a power sweep left with Zeke leading the way as his lead blocker. And he just basically runs through the whole Seattle defense to the half yard line. That's that's just my quarterback saying, I'm. I'm going to do this. I'm going to will this ball into the end zone. I'll take it home. And it was a beautiful play. It took as soon as it was snapped him and he took off. I was like Lord have mercy. This is not going anywhere. And Dak Prescott just said, you can't stop me. I'm going to power run through you. Because you know, what he is a grown asked. Man. That's how he plays football. And that's what happened on that play. And then what happened later in the game? What what was the final nail in Seattle's coffin even got a little shaky after that. But what happened on third and fourteen from them? You can't give that up. It's a quarterback draw because Scotland hand finally pulled his head out. And did what I've been beating this desk for run a quarterback draw. And that Prescott just basically goes right up the middle of the Seattle defense, and nobody can tackling because he's a grown ass, man. Who's going to will the ball into the care? They scare I agree. With you. I think they thought their protein that like some of the other quarterbacks get someone get close to him. They're gonna slide. Dax saw the ends on like I'm not sliding. I'm owning gore somersault he's going to flip. He's going to helicopter as John Elway wants dead in a fateful Super Bowl that you've laid in against the Green Bay Packers. So I'm going to call my man little Wayne, I'm texting back and forth on Saturday night with little Wayne who's no cowboy fan trust me because he's a big Green Bay Packer fan. And he's a mutt. He's like you. He's a much bigger Zeke fan than a Dak fan..

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