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Sixty one degrees some showers pulling out of Boston at twelve o'clock good afternoon I'm Nicole Davis and here's what's happening one of the major health stories we've been following here in Massachusetts of course Miskito borne viruses as we make our way through the end of summer waiting for that first frost we're getting word of another human case of one of those viruses this time west Nile the state public health department announces the first human case of west Nile virus in Massachusetts this year a man in his sixties from Middlesex County had to be hospitalized for his symptoms last year there were forty nine human cases in the state most people infected will just have no symptoms at all well this year's west Nile risk remains low that's not the case for triple E. where many parts of the state or a critical risk from Middlesex County sherry small WBZ Boston's newsradio Washington where president trump is promising new restrictions when it comes to flavored east cigarettes hundreds of people around the country battling illnesses now that potentially could be connected to vaping the industry's been focused though on making sure that meant and menthol flavors are eventually allowed to stay public health experts though pushing for all flavors to get the access they say menthol can still hook kids some states are already moving forward with their own bands while we wait for the feds including Michigan here in Massachusetts state health officials are putting out a brand new mandate to health providers they want these doctors to record and report any long illness that possibly could be linked to vaping more than four hundred and fifty illnesses and six deaths across thirty three states have now been attributed to vaping which by the very nature of the practice makes sense to pull monologist doctor Catherine melamed the problem is these oils are being heated and then inhaled so you're basically in handling foreign substances into your body it can be quite dangerous what could make they being even more perilous according to the doctor the uncertainty of what substances are inside there was oil field cartridges they can be cut with other sorts of chemicals to either make them more potent or make them less expensive and that often comes along with a lot of ill effects and side effects. in the back bay Chris Palmer WBZ Boston's news radio is twelve oh two shots fired overnight the victim ending up at a convenience store in north bridge here's WBZ TV on a miler from Providence Rhode employee.

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