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Authorized to career. Real i have. I have like these days throughout this. Stay in the house. And i might just be on my just watch one of those movies off a few of them like big andrews your favourite. Lo city don't don't prussia is starting to come out now. Hold on sixteen. Kansas sixteen sixty clubs clubs sydney. That was a great movie. Rabble abalone breakfast oriented more so prince narrowed down to three. Was that one movie. Like you see it on on the screen and you. God mr ms data. I missed that movie and you just are watching a few. The chick check that check for mines. Devil whispered wishes apprentice on like six ruini movies and adam sandler movies comedy fifty first dates which drew barrymore where she forgets. I love that movie where he has to remind her every day. That's a lot of sweet which was a great movie to be a chick flick fever pitch. Oh yeah that was cute. But that wouldn't be a favorite. That's just something that was a great movie win. The guy was in love with the red sox at baseball team. No fever is that what you were talking about pitch. Perfect i think at the acapella. Look it up because page about sports about sports. This guy is a die hard. Look at guy's a diehard boston red sox fan and the girl falls in love with him but he chooses the red sox but then at the end you know they'll form of not really. It's a great chick flicks. That's the terminology. Puts us before we let you go. The notebook puts his favorite babylonian chip flick. A chick drew barrymore. Jimmy fallon movies crate. Which one what is it has six. Anything drew barrymore. You gotta see that movie man your allen play sin like a love me some love seeing it would telling you that movie. Watch it all weekend. For instance go ahead. What is it everybody. This is breaking news. Put discuss no postal. Let us know favorite chick flick made by the babylonian johnny. Just as a recap is double where products. Sidney what's yours you've got go ahead on v. h. s. princess liberate. She'll self now young men notebook book. Brecca's go after you not presented that make you feel me getting out of chechen. This is the secret between we not gonna to door. We gotta. We're going to let we're not going to let the dudes front of the buildings. Note that decision you know just us in. I don't have a problem with that. I love babylonia movies. I thought you know. It was all categories thankfully muffled i should say abalone and chick flick admin okay on the comics on being relayed over the airwaves city. Jake your comedies. Being delayed his comments. Oh you're his common lead. Well there's a lot going on over here so apologize about that. Prentiss rebecca going on blocking agra weekend. Thank you as well clip respect. Respect one's name apprentices capos. Whatever it may fly across the screen. Now kim black kim. Blackson that cheryl hopeful. You finish this out of genuine. Kim black in that chat room i see him. I hope he's still there. I'd be interesting to see what what can black favorite babylonian chick flick is. because he's very militancy. Oh shut up to jaime rios. That is the movie with richard gere. And demi moore that is what is his sean where she where he propositions for the million dollars to sleep where her own. Here's what's the name of that movie. That's that is a good husband. That a smashed. Yeah he could never get over a good decent proposal proposal that will be was good. Who else mitchell sexy restriction with smashing her. Nfc i'll start smashing myself this proposal. Aura what's another a runaway bride with julia. Roberts julia roberts made some really good movies. I wonder why she likes. Stop acting. i think she's in like amazon. Show now but julia roberts. She was killing at one point de lions vanessa central vanessa. Are you still in there. Kenny be winning lynn. Lynette serano helena. Good morning how are you not. Oh i'm so used to doing it for so long here. You go on and we have some nice so we still keep that traditional show hobby morning. Show saint bobby. We dedicate to show to you guys on a friday. Hey go make graphic real quick platform. Yeah richard gere was not indecent proposal. That was robert redford. Okay.

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