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Trusted local independent American standard air dealer. Nice. The win column for these guys have been battling hard the last couple which would been in a lot of games. Some some breaks of young kids. They stepped up tonight. We fought to the end. I do we score nor do we hang on. We'll we gotta pick six Joe shoe had an eighty yard touchdown. Go up twenty twenty one. He was a big play for us. And then we came up with the stop. About four minutes ago. With a minute to go. You know, the ballgame over, but it was one heck of a game tonight the kind of went back and forth for a little bit. And so it's one of those ones you're glad to get out. And it was a great one top. Absolutely. All right. So tell me who else plays. Well, besides Joel net. Interception. Joey, I tell you he played as well Sony Sonia. Russia. And I did a great job for us. Nice job just run the shows. Go rushing for fifty sounded we passed on. I think so. Balance. I think we'll be excited tonight. Big place. Killed some try some. Things about that. We're excited to build on it, right? Tackle childhood cancer is one is a caused very near and dear to your heart and some of your colleagues in the state have joined you in this fight. You've had a very good football season on that front. Have you not Greg? We have we don't want to go through. Through. A appalled of this. Week or two weeks are kind of get the finals on all that. It was. Just to let people know on how much we raised. You know, we got one more game that's going to take place in October. Which would be Friday actually next Friday, but believe its north central farmers word green. Thunderbirds. There's it's so worst. We get that wrapped up the tolls are, but a lot of guys schools. Wait Paul's that, it's definitely we believe. I couldn't agree more Greg Barrett from south vermillion tonight. They ramp up a big win with a twenty eight twenty one final overseer Greg's on the Saint Vincent sports hotline coaches. Always. Thanks, good.

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