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He was just like ignoring orien-. I was trying to. I was I was anxiously trying to steer him in a different direction in the conversation. You know, he was telling us he was like an engineer, right? And now he's driving Hoover and he's like, you know, trying to put his life back together. What's that? We need to get tickets for the Houston, gay. All right. Okay. We're gonna put an Email Renault. Okay, thank you. Look at that making it happen. I always sway. I gotta ask early early enough coming up next Kevin. Durant's got some praise for the Lakers. We'll tell you what he said next. Oh, look at that. Almost this is our Embiid not hip. I mean, close though. Feel like we're at least the right decade. Yes. Jeez, you do it enough. You force them into doing what you want them to do. Good Lord. Dylan Hernandez at the LA times has an interesting article today about how this could be the end for Clayton Kershaw as a dodger. We'll talk to him shortly. Tim Kirk jn will join us at eight forty, five. Talk about Manny Machado as well. Tim is from the Baltimore areas. We've seen many a ton. But before that key Kevin Durant praises the bronze move to the Lakers says, quote. What happened? No, I'm waiting for you to spread. Some germs says, I think a really great ones like LeBron have the opportunity to pick both have a great basketball environment, but also live in a place to help his business in advance. He's earned the right to make those decisions now it does. It is interesting though that everybody supposed to do, but if he's a free agent, everybody's like he said he, he, everyone talks about the business part of everyone because their right to because posted well, they're saying well, because I think it's strange, right?.

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