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Updated the today sports desk. Here's gene the bucks had their chances to the ram sent out of there by Lopez. He got all of the letters in Spalding box trail by five top of the circle Bledsoe goes to Lopez for his fifth three of the night. Bango Lopez sixty three sixty one but still in the end the bucks fall in there. West coast road trip opener one eighteen one three at Portland against the trailblazer. CJ McCollum and a game high forty points against Mike wooden Holzer's club any time where we made a little bit of Iran or felt like the momentum. I be changed a couple of McCollum had a big shot or some of their their, you know, their bad skies lamb and hit a big shot Meyers, Leonard. I'm one of those nights where we couldn't get over the next eighteen heads down to Oakland to take on the defending champion. Golden state. Warriors are coverage will begin tomorrow night at nine o'clock here on WTMJ just three other games in the NBA Brooklyn and one zero four eighty two winner at Phoenix. Dallas wins at home over Washington. One nineteen to one hundred one Hornets speed the hawks one thirteen one oh to to college basketball as heard on ninety four five ESPN FM Marquette wins their first game at Pfizer form, beating UNBC sixty seven to forty two Marcus Howard and Sam Houser each at fifteen to lead the golden eagles next Saturday at home in the season tip off against buffoon. Cookman the badgers beat cop and state eighty five to sixty three the Kohl center at a triple double ten points, twelve assists and eleven rebounds. It's only the second triple double in UW history. Josh Gasser was a freshman when he had one in twenty eleven ten points, twelve rebounds and tennis cysts in a win over northwestern. The badgers play next at the gavitt. Games in Cincinnati next week Tuesday against savior and Milwaukee Panthers. Fall at Boston College seventy three to fifty three the host North Dakota state on Saturday night. The Packers face a near must win on Sunday against the dolphins. Green Bay's biggest problem in their losses. This year. The ability to finish coach Mike McCarthy, our focus is going to be more in finishing fourth quarter. So that's really the common fridge. The last two weeks. That's us back from getting the win that we felt were a position that they get Sunday's game has been flex down to a three twenty five kickoff. Our coverage begins at noon with WTMJ opening drive and on this day after the election were several politicians with sports backgrounds. Vying for elected office yesterday, former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Anthony solace. He wins a house seat from Ohio sixteenth congressional district. Former Tennessee titans linebacker calling Allred. He defeats longtime income and Pete sessions in Texas's thirty second congressional district. Former Wisconsin chancellor, Donna Shalala. She championed the importance of athletics Madison hired, Pat rector. Who alternately hired Barry Alvarez? She wins a house seat in Florida. Former Packer safety. Aaron rouse wins a seat on the Virginia Beach city council and brewers third baseman Travis Shaw wins another term is the mayor of ding Dong. Thank you. Idea that seven eighteen WTMJ who are the big winners and losers election day. What direction does the country go from here? Jimmy, look back at the midterms starting at three on Wisconsin's afternoon news sports, just got.

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