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Morning, everyone, seventy one degrees on our way to eighty eight today the Associated Press has confirmed that Aretha Franklin. Is seriously ill they have spoken with a person close to the Franklin on condition of anonymity that says that Franklin is seriously ill apparently is hospitalized now On his canceled concerts that were planned for this year the seventy six year old Icahn announced her plans to retire. Earlier this year but again the? News? Today is that Aretha Franklin is seriously ill and in the. Hospital Chicago police are warning rideshare customers about a female robbery crew. That has struck at least three times over the past month police say all, three of them on the north side of the city they're wanting, that in each of the two women picked up customers early in the morning and frightening with a gun to hand over their belongings former presidential adviser Omarosa manacle. Newman is releasing more audio recordings this one that she says is includes President Trump. After she was, fired. From the, White House at extra was aired on NBC's today show this. Morning on the recording Trump expresses surprise that she had been. Asked to leave he says nobody even told me about it manigault Newman is promoting her new book unhinged the White House did not. Immediately Respond to a request for comment those are, the headlines WGN sports is sponsored by northwestern football Chicago's big ten team cubs. Found a, dramatic way things look bleak or down three now thing going to the bottom. Of the night to outs later they had the bases loaded when pinch hitter David Bodey crashed a Ryan Madson pitch to. Centerfield a walk off grand slam the cubs beat the nationals four to. Three they have a three game lead on the brewers who come to Wrigley field for games tomorrow and Wednesday the White Sox rallied but fell short at nine. Seven lost to the Indians who built a. Nine one eighth inning lied about held on tonight the soccer at Detroit pre-game five thirty five first pitch six ten WGN Brooks kept. Guy has added the PGA championship. To his to US open titles including this year's holding. Off Tiger, Woods in the final round the. Bears have broken camp and burbenay the head. For Denver and a couple of Practices. With the Broncos this week plus a preseason game, on Saturday night couple of other NFL notes the Cleveland Browns say they are sticking with tyrod. Taylor is their starting quarterback despite an impressive start for number, one overall pick Baker Mayfield the eagles have signed quarterback Christian hackenberg coach fits in the, Wildcats host Michigan Brassica Wisconsin Notre Dame. And more this fall, at Ryan field season and single game tickets on sale then you sports dot com Home of the Blackhawks the Wildcats and the White. Sox Dave attic WGN sports.

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