Kelley, Connecticut, President Trump discussed on BBC World Service


With a national women's march group the women's march when thousands of women traveled to washington dc the day after donald trump's inauguration was yeah that's right their website is calling for students skull staff pairin's anyone rarely to take part in what they're calling a national school walkout that's going to be for seventeen minutes one for every life lost in florida shooting and that's going to happen on the fourteen th of march the portland students say they want to protest congress as an action to do more than just tweet thoughts and prayers in response to gun violence sure but there's been some response from schools run through supposed students walking out as of yet in texas the head of one school district in particular i said he's going to suspend any students engage in any of these protests many are saying this is unfair violates their rights and they should be allowed to walk out if they want some texas lawyers have actually already went on social media and said that they will offer their services for free the any students who do get threatened with punishment talk about this bring a turning point in the recent history of deng vaunts in america will evidence of uc berkeley well a lot of people saying this time feels different to other shootings the students are coming together across the country to sort of create this national movement of teenagers one florida survive i called alex wind sad to me the students in santa they were too young to stand up and speak out but believe me we are going to be the change these students sent be saying enough is enough the sick of the same arguments the same conversations they've heard time and time before we vote in the listening session with president trump one of the students mentioned sandy hook now that was an elementary school shooting in the us connecticut where twenty children and six adults who shot dead in 2012 bbc trending went back to sambi hook loss here to hear from people who insist the sandy hook massacre never happened false room has begun circular online the attacks were staged using actors although they have no place in truth hundreds of youtube videos blogs and tweets repeated the conspiracy theories and we've seen that happen with some regularity and it seems to have happened again hit kelley yet one of the students.

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