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News. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes yesterday morning, we came into work and the Phoenix police department held a press conference where they announced the arrest of a suspect in the hacienda healthcare sexual assault case, she is thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland Sutherland is a licensed practical nurse who was responsible for providing care to the victim during this time, the sexual assault occurred Sutherland is being booked as we speak into the mirror COPA county jail where he'll be charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vinyl vulnerable adult abuse in connection with this crime. All right. So after chief Williams spoke, you had sergeant Tommy Thompson stepped to the mic and explain why it is that they arrested Sutherland, the scientists in the Phoenix police crime crime laboratory determined the sample obtained from Sutherland matched the baby. Okay. So the DNA of Sutherland match the DNA of. Of the baby. Okay. So now, we're all trying to learn more about who is this nurse, Nathan Sutherland and right? We're finding out that he doesn't have a criminal background police said that there was no felony or misdemeanor convictions or charges in his background, basically clean record. And even after I was right around the time. We were getting off the air yesterday. Bruce Sutherland had his initial court appearance. He was down at the court in his his attorney spoke for him. The only thing he said was his name and his birth date. Which is pretty typical. That's the way things go, but take a listen a little bit to what is turning had to say. There's no direct evidence that Mr. Sutherland has committed these acts. I know at this point there.

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