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Simon. Simon, cowl does he have big the energy. I think he might yes, and no. Yeah. I can the day when he was nasty on American idol. But since he's had a kid, he softened up a lot so I think maybe now he does. Yeah I feel like a big factor in the E is how you treat other people, and that just nice genuine kindness, other people, so if you're walking around being a regular D, You lose the PD exactly you only get one initially, yeah! Exactly. Line twenty-three is Harley. Oh great example. Who Do you think has be. I think I dress L. does. Yeah that's a very good, only yeah. Although. Harley. How are you? What's been going on the last two weeks while we were on vacation? You're doing okay. Yeah. I went back to where beginning of the month so everything's gotten back pretty much to normal in my personal life. Good for you. There's so many people that don't know. How long were you out? I think it was nine weeks together I work in retail, so our store was totally shot down. But, we came back. Leave right at the end of May so. Either so many people still out so many people that are still out and nowhere near going back in a lot of people lost their jobs flat out and I have several friends. I was talking to vacation. Who just they don't know what they're gonNA do but what they're doing. Harleys there kind of rethinking what they WANNA do in life, and maybe this reset is giving them opportunity to to switch switch pads. So we'll listen. I'm glad you're back at work. Congratulations and thanks for listening to us. So much I? Hope you guys have a great morning three we, we will thanks to you. Hold on one second, okay flirt with nate for a minute. He's he's. He looks bored. Rachel online twenty two wait whole who Rachel you say, someone on our show. Their spouse has big, D energy. Yes, but it's not about thing but I think froggies wife Lisa. How do you respond to them foggy? You know what? I'm going to agree with you. You're right she does she. She's a very nice person. She's very loving. She's a love all serval until you piss her off and she does exhibit a little bit of Big d energy, I would agree. I energy positive! I've seen it in your instagram stories. Yes. Can you give us an example? I just love their banter. She's GonNa. Put Him in his place. which is a very good thing. We all agree. We all agree we you. FROGGY is successful on our show because of his wife and her big energy. Of course I believe there's woman. I'm Rachel. Thank you. Thanks for listening. Let's see! ooh! Someone said Jada Pinkett Smith. Let's talk about that story we haven't even talked to. Yeah that wins Yeah. What's going on? I was just reading the headlines so I didn't really get deep into the story, but apparently to tell me if I'm right or wrong Danielle Gandhi. she did have a fling with someone, and then we'll. Smith came forward and said yeah, it happened, but apparently the now do they have an open relationship where it's okay, I mean I don't understand then you did the red. They did the Red Table Talk. And they were talking about how they were separated at the time that this was happening but she did definitely have a little something and then They got back together. She stayed with will, so they're actually stronger than ever right now but I think they kind of denied the whole relationship thing, didn't they? They didn't really. So in the beginning, it all started. Because August Sina is the person that she had the entanglement as she calls IT A. Tangle. Yeah and entanglement, so if you've been seeing entanglement means all over. That's what it's about. She called an entanglement, so he is the person who talked about it first, and he said we'll. Smith gave me permission and said it was fine, and I think that just didn't sit well with Jada, a little bit saying that somebody gave somebody else permission to be with her, so she wanted to address all of it and talk about what was going on, we'll came on. He said let's talk about it. What was it she? She called it an entanglement. He called it a relationship. They said that they're rider died. They can't do live without each other. They're saying together at the point in time when it happened will had told her I'm done with you. This is over, and then she. She did what she did. And apparently some people are saying he did what he did, and that's that I. They've never addressed whether or not. The relationship is open, but that's been a rumor about the two of them for a long time. Right okay. Gary what you gotTa Watch it though you had a chance, it's. Has the sound from their conversation on the way. and. It sounds so yeah. We'll listen to that in a minute. people seeing people with. Big D Energy Chrissy Teigen. Michelle Obama. Ruth Bader GINSBURG. There was another one I saw. Go through. They're coming in so fast. People are texting us at fifty, five one hundred. Anyway so there you go, you don't have to guide. have big the energy Let's get into the three things. You need to know from Gandhi Gandhi what's going on. Health officials around the World reported the highest one day on cases with the coronavirus. Since the pandemic, the US is the biggest hotspot with sixty six thousand cases reported just yesterday over fifteen. Thousand of those cases are coming from Florida and this info comes just one day after disneyworld open to the public for the first time in nearly four months. Many members of Congress are saying that President Trump's commutation of Roger. Stone's sentence is an offense to the rule of law. He was supposed to serve forty months in prison for. For charges including lying to Congress and witness tampering related to an investigation, involving trump and his campaign attorney, General Bill Bar strongly recommended against it, Adam. Schiff said Americans should be offended and finally, in spite of the growing corona virus numbers in Florida. The NBA begins its first full week in the DISNEYWORLD bubble. The twenty two teams invited to play reported to Florida last week. They quarantined for several days, but teams have started practicing over the weekend. The regular season is supposed to restart July thirtieth and those are three things. Thank you Gandhi. Let's take a break. We're back after this. Is John Legend. What's up chain smokers? Zinedine Menzel at. With cheese, grilled on top and your favorite Taco bell ingredients inside the new grilled cheese burritos, a combination of Cheesy, beefy, crunchy and Melty deliciousness enjoy for a limited time at participating Taco. Bell locations with delivery or contactless drive through. In the morning show? So over the break Alex adopted a new puppy. Who Sleeping next to me right now, little little Ali. Ali Tally. He really is. And Wow interesting set of circumstances of where we adopted him, but anyway it doesn't matter. one of the one of the earliest people coming out of the woodwork to say congratulations was Carol Baskin. From. From Tiger King. That was so nice so Kunia. Gary did hi. Garrett good, morning. So, Garrett went onto cameo. PSEUDO, celebrities sell their time for money. You pay like forty bucks to get this message from Carol Basket and that was very considerate of you. Can we go and play that scary? You cool cats and kittens carol. Baskin big cat rescue. Congratulations ends you cool cats on the new edition to your family. I'll eat the.

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