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Clicking on the link in the show notes before explain what is happening today in the city of meghan. I need to set the table by explaining what happened back. In september nineteen forty four. The allies had landed in normandy back in june and we're pushing north into belgium and the netherlands. The goal was to get to berlin quickly and try to finish the war by christmas to achieve this british field. Marshal bernard montgomery hatched a plan known as operation market garden market wasn't audacious plan whereby allied paratroopers would be dropped behind enemy lines to take key bridges and land forces would then rush up behind them to advance and cut off german forces. The airborne component was the market. The ground forces were the garden if successful this would have created a one hundred kilometer thrust into the netherlands which would have created one arm of a pincer which would then enveloped the german industrial. Heartland if you want an excellent dramatization of operation market garden. I suggest watching epic. Nineteen seventy seven movie a bridge too far. They especially have scenes that detail the events. I'll be talking about in this episode. One of the key bridges which needed to be taken was in the city of nine. Megan as i noted in the introduction nine megan sits on the wall river which is a very wide river and very important for transportation. The bridge overnight. Megan was one of the longest in europe at the time the entire plan involved one road and capturing key bridges along that road if one of the bridges along route failed to be taken. The entire operation would fail. I'm not going to go into more detail but operation market garden as it could easily be. Its own episode. Suffice it to say that taking the bridge and nine megan was key to success of the entire operation. There was a second railroad bridge nine. Megan but the story revolves around the road bridge in meghan. The major concern was that the road bridge was going to be blown up the germans. If that happened the entire operation was dead. However the germans believed that the bridge needed to be preserved so it could be part of a future german.

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