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Podcast for women of color who wants to hear and talk about the world of politics. As we continue with our collaboration with she the people. Highlighting Women from their twenty women of Color to watching twenty twenty list. These are all barrier-breaking women? Kerr changing the political landscape this year and beyond. ME. Amara Jones the creator of Trans Lash Docu series about the lives of transpeople color. Amara to connect those stories to what is happening in society today? Amara. Thank you so much for joining us today. How are you I'm well? How are you doing good during this time I'm so just thrilled to talk to you about all the work day. You're doing I've admire you from a bar, so just really excited for this conversation into. Have you on the podcast? So my first question for you is what was the moment that really drove you into doing community worm well first of all. Thank you for your introduction and thank you for having me. What I'm drove me into community work I think. I think I feel. Compelled to do the work that I do. Feel compelled to do the work that I do is. I have a very clear sense of I think. Where we need to go and what needs to be done and that? As a part of being alive, I have a responsibility to help I love that last part just that sense of responsibility in your just such an inspiration to other women who are some of the folks that inspired you to do the work you do today. Where my mother like all like mini women I have a complicated or too complicated relationship with my mother, but my mother undoubtedly. In, so many different ways I think the black women and my family writ large black women throughout the world's. Have inspired me. I think beyond that just so many inspirations rations of women who do have done amazing things not only now, but in the past. I think Kereta Sky King is amazing. Vastly underrated pivotal. In so many different things I, think queen hardships it. who was the WHO was one of the most successful pharaohs an Egypt? She was a woman she had herself declared a man. In order to be Phero is amazing. I think. Elizabeth I of England despite. Also very complicated history with Africa and Africans, but even in those roles I think they're just so many ways and examples throughout history, and throughout the world of a black women who lead and Hooghly powerfully, and who lead with integrity, and there's actually no shortage of inspiration or ampoules I. Just not everything that you're saying there is just so many women, especially black women who are inspirational. You're one of those women in kind of WANNA shift now to dive into your background of storytelling. You are an amazing communicator. You have emmy awards. You had peabody awards, but what? What I really want to highlight is your work with trans. Lash wet drove you to create that in really eight, the platform of telling the stories of the Lgbtq Community I. It's so fascinating, because honestly I'm one of those people who have more interested in other people that I am interested in myself, which is weird to be a public person in this, because it's very much associated with you value in your voice in some ways above others, and that's not actually the way that I work or move in the world, so I had to be pushed to do. Is Boot is the short answer. I had to be convinced by people that I trust that I'm telling my story was a way to tell other people stories, and that that could be used to leverage and humanize and expand power for trans. People Specifically Trans people of Color, so I had to be coaxed into it to start with my own story. Right of that's how actually transmit started was me saying what is it like to be me in this moment in history? Because this is a moment in history, right even more so now, but we're living in the unit time. What is it like to actually be alive in this moment and to be? And, in this moment to be a Japan's woman of color to be transparent women right now in this extreme moment of social of extreme social backlash, but also unique visibility, and what is that pressure like in one of the things driving that and from that I was able to tell the stories of of other people in our community, and from that has grown. A based Cross Platform, multimedia storytelling project, and that aims on centering the humanity of chance people with specifically transpeople color so very interesting that I had to value myself I before I could really began to connect you my word. That was really power fall I want to dive in quickly. You know you just talked about valuing yourself valuing other people. You did something really monumental last year. The UN, they actually hosted their first event on gender, diversity and Non Binary de's and you helped lead that event. Can you tell us? How did all of that come together in? What was it like moderating a conversation life that for the UN obviously very powerful organization, but also how do you think is going to impact how the U. N. and other organizations do their work going forward with the algae bt Q. Community? It's really interesting. Right hot at one of the ways that came about is that the head of you and women is actually a black woman. She's a black from South Africa right so again it's. Goes back to where we started. which is that innumerable examples of leadership of black women who changed the world? We could spend the whole broadcast during that. So how did that come about it about? You know it's really fascinating for me. Because this is one of the examples of how a Hawaiian internal pressure over a long period of time by people who you've never heard of and whose names you will never know can actually be one of the ways that bring about change because we often think about just being something that is. That comes about through this master direct pressure, right? We think about change that comes through noise and revolutions, but the way that this came about is that there was a small group of people, maybe four by people inside of of. Women who really fought for this over time and they've been connected to the broad based global UN group on Lgbtq. And connected with another working group inside of the U., N.. A. Member states that care.

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