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To pay over one hundred thousand dollars in restitution after driving on semi truck drunken and causing extensive damages 27yearold south hoffman appear was ordered by judge producer the van aid to pay in excess of one hundred and sixteen thousand dollars in restitution to the rapid city here in eastern railroad for democrats caused by a dui related accident occurring south of fort pierre on bad river road back on november i them 2016 often was the driver reloaded semi tractor trailer while intoxicated and was involved in an accident causing substantial damage to the reagan other property as a result hoffman's employment was terminated often was robbing a semi truck with a lot road which was carrying excavating equipment he failed to negotiate attor curve drove off roadway and into a ditch and the cargo on the fly in bed rolled out often into the ditch and during the crash damage was done to an electrical box in offense on private property about river road was additionally blocked for about two hours appeared scene was arrested friday for hit and run according to pierre police jason jones on friday and approximately five verdy three pm officers responded to a hint run report in the parking lot of the ramp kota in and suites and pierre upon arrival a suspect driver was identified a novel initially located in a short time later about an hour later and officers identified the suspect vehicle and made contact with the door driver who hand left the scene of the accident eighteen year old even youngberg of pierer was discovered to be the driver who had left the scene of the accident and was the ultimate found to have possession of alcohol and the suspect vehicle he was arrested for underage possession of alcoholic beverages open container and leaving the scene of an accident notch news here on am twelve forty today's kcr oh my god the martyred as trains super room with a lotta features the top performers for many.

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