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I put this stuff on and the next day like all the dry patches that i have on my under my eyes were completely soothed so this will be a row for me. Yeah i loved this as a as a hydrating mask. I loved it. I thought it was fantastic. Round recommend getting into this weather. I just thought it was such a great. It was just a great heidi mask. It did what it said. It was going to do which. I feel like so many so often with masks. It's like you know any right totally. I yes. I do know what you mean. Okay so couple other standouts for me. I've i've been using the. I'm saying this wrong. Supernova sue purnell. Sue purnell. That's how i say to my head. It's the only product in like this. The the woman who makes that. It's the only thing she makes so say hero product. I've been using it as a last step in my nighttime skincare routine. It is a really lovely oil. Like it's just a it's soothing. It's hydrating my. It absorbs really nicely. It's just a really. I really beautiful skin oil. And then the last thing i really liked was lay alanis. Bless bom which smells it. Smells like a vacation. it smells heavenly. it's so it's it's very moisturizing. Totally absorbed as much as i wanted a to. But it's like just a beautiful bomb. It smells so good. That's a hawaiian. A hawaii based skin care line and it. It just felt it just was like delicious. It was delicious also. I thought i thought it smelled very nice to. Oh and you're not a big person. I'm not a big sent person. It's true so that tells you everything you need to know about that. I liked the milk and honey bomb. Which was my like entry point into tansy. And i i was using all over. But i also like it as kind of a spot treatment. Oh okay like. I put it on a little bit recently and i thought was kind of nice but it is. It is something you can use all over and i also thought that. Like the cure. Blue tanzi oil. If you are like as an entry point product to blue tansy. The price point is so good. I think it's around. I think it's twelve ninety. Nine that is. That is where i would start to see if it's something that resonates with you and i have to be honest story the herb of products. Excuse me a cure. His thirteen dollars ninety nine. I was off by a sent. The i was underwhelmed by the urban core products. Which which w- like. That's where i i saw blue tanzi being used and neither neither of they're not other products really worked for me but again they. I don't think they're really created for my skin. Type okay you know. We're experimenting on one face here so there you have it. That's very exciting. Came in like in conclusion. I don't think it's something i need. I didn't see any like overall changes in my skin. But some of these products. I really liked. I felt really hydrating. And i think like it was important to me to learn about the other ingredients in the product and i was like in them. Because i don't think it was the blue tanzi. Oh that's interesting. What i mean i do know exactly what you mean and the smell is the smell is a choice. It is a choice. You're right it's it's a it's a pungent earthy scent that some people love. I'm not particularly drawn to it. Okay do you feel like you're a blue tanzi. Curiosity has been satisfied. Yes one hundred percent. And i also just want to say thank you to the people who sent us the products to try because that was very helpful and i did discover some products that i would that i'm very into okay. Main ones that. I mentioned. I i really. I really like using them. I just don't think it's the blue tansy that for me is the make or break. Okay now. so that's my that's my conclusion and now i have a ton of blue tanzi products. If anyone in los angeles wants to try my like bathroom counter has been just overflowing with blue tanzi. okay. I mean there are worse. Things bathroom. overflowing with to be honest story. We don't need to take it back to the beginning of this podcast. No we don't you're right you're right well thank you for humoring me with my blue tanzi exploded. My gosh you for taking on this journey it was it was very. I would be curious if listeners have other this this is also not like all the skin care products that incorporate blue tanzi but like truly there was a limit to what i could try just became a lot. I think you try to lie. I did i was very. I was very curious about these different products. And they definitely go on like the you know the blue cocoon which i really loved and the josh rose brooke vital bomb which i also really like. They're they feel very different like even though they're both on a both have blue tanzi they go on differently. They absorb differently. It was really interesting to kind of trial. These things was fun. It was fun. What what is next i am you tell me okay. I will all right. Let's take a break and also kind of just say any listeners. 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