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We what are you trying to say there is a bell that you want to go there with bulldozers do you want to go there and like you know glue your hands together to some things on the wall can be built like we need to go a certain if running violence we need to go there and stop the wall physically what exactly are you intimating exactly is this week she gonna be out there leave me as well it's a probably she she's the kind that actually would she's the kind enough job that would she's talking all the crazy out of fear that include the new Regina Romero socialist radical mayor of Tucson like it's just getting started I I told you you know I told you and there's got to be someone that can step on up to take on these people I'm I Trumpy in type person the only kind of politician that wins the other side is a trump in style because it's common sense and it makes sense and it's for everyone that's how trump one you got a bunch of Democrats to vote former twenty sixteen why because most Americans don't want illegal immigration they they want jobs they don't want a bunch of I'm very to refugees here they are vetted how Betty can they be coming here but they want tax because they don't want China to own us that that's what Americans want what trump was he was a Republican any wasn't Democrat Republicans want to continue to get ramrod with cheap labor and I buy everything from China trump said no to that I mean you know trump in Canada it's going to be common sense Americanism that's what it is any other you know they'll tell you what trust on an American he's the most American present I've ever seen Reagan I was a child when Reagan was I'm not saying he's not I was a child we have one more that's coming up as well we got to play that is a truly remarkable truly remarkable that's coming up do not.

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