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To that. I think you. You hit the nail right on the head one of the things that we like to say at the camp is. We're not My vision is not necessarily to teach somebody something because in a week. Let's face it. You're not going to learn. You know, Criminal Law! Crime Course. That's very cool. But what I'm hoping for. Is that a ha moment that these kids would get in an ordinary summer program? Hey, I love you, know whale, watching or whatever it is that they were supposed to be wearing this summer. You know that's the age at which you decide kind of the trajectory of your life, and you know here's. You know. Here's an opportunity to say. Here's a snippet. Here's a taste. Here's a flavor and some exposure to something that you would not get in highschool. Perhaps it's something you'd like to pursue later on vk. and. That's the you know. The notion is expose exposure to new ideas. New concepts new skills as in You mentioned the presenting. Dentition skills powerful presents class. I think that's you know sort of. The exciting thing about this and after this is sort of new news and we haven't yet integrated into our website, but after the events of last week we've decided that. Want to have a more diverse and inclusive. Group so that in addition to the exposure to these topics. Kids will be exposed to other kids who may not come from the same background, but in this context everyone will be equal, and the same in the conversation can be.

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