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The inventor and futurist nikola tesla once wrote of all frictional resistances. The one that most retards human movement is ignorance. What buddha called the greatest evil in the world. The friction which results from ignorance can be reduced only by the spread of knowledge and of the unification of the heterogenous elements of humanity. Effort could be better. Spent welcome to the amp professor. A few minutes to focus on teaching human anatomy and physiology with a veteran educator. Teaching mentor your host. Kevin pat in this episode. I talk about taking old steps and teacher by ask is digital no taking better than paper. I talk about the pandemic twenty and diluted blood plasma effect on aging well. Here's an argument. That's been okay. Sorry debate this on for quite some time. And that is the debate between whether it's better for students As far as they're learning goes to write out their notes in paper notebooks or to use a digital device which is a tablet or a laptop or something like even their phone may be and take their notes that way. And you know there have been several papers have suggested that writing out your note on a paper notebook or in a paper notebook with a pen or pencil better for memory and for learning than using a digital device such as a tablet or a smartphone or laptop or whatever. Even if it's tablet or pad device that you know can be used with a stylus so it's kind of like riding on paper there've been a bunch of studies that seemed to prove that a writing out the notes is way way better but there's also been a bunch of studies and replication of those previous studies and meta analyses of the various studies. That say nope. There's no statistical difference so one is not truly better than the other of course another issue with a lot of these studies. Is you know what they're actually measuring you know. They're measuring often short term memory. So they'll have the participants take notes on some kind of presentation or whatever and then let them wait an hour. Maybe distract him with cookies. Or i know what they're distract. Cookies would distract me doughnuts. Yes they would distract me and so then they come back in an hour and then they take a quiz or test or whatever and they measure how much learning was done in. Compare that and you know. I don't think any different than i am in this regard. I don't want my. Ap students remember. He thinks for an hour. And.

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