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Out. Oh really yeah. I could see that he might be a little bit too innovative for you. Know standard structured school. I could see that Well you meant to work right away so he was like the second youngest of i think it was like seventeen kids or my gosh. I hadn't realized he had that many siblings So maria montessori was born in italy in eighteen seventy she was an exceptional exceptional person. The only female attendee of an all boys school. Maria was one of italy's first female doctors. She became interested in education in nineteen. Oh seven and she opened a childcare center in rome where she could put her educational theories into practice and he probably recognize that name montessori so she was the founder of the school. You have different methods you know of. Teaching montessori is definitely one where there's a lot of exploration And focus on the child but she has a quote here says never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed That's interesting actually like that. Yeah i didn't realize that. The montessori principles went back that far. That's that's really cool. I don't know you think that you know all the things we have today are like new and innovative and sometimes they're not yeah. Yeah we're just our presuppositions. We never know what we might not know exactly. So here's one. And i since we are a podcast for readers and writers. I thought this was kind of a special when it's laura ingalls wilder and she's famous yes. She's famous for her little house on the prairie books. So she too was a teacher. She taught in a one room. Schoolhouse in south dakota. This schoolhouse happen to me Twelve miles from the town. She lived in thou-. I'm guessing you know that way. Children who lived in rural areas could also go to school. But gee twelve miles in a horse and buggy Yes i remember reading about that. It was wintertime too. So she couldn't go back every we like sear family on the weekends except that someone came and picked her up and so almonds. A wilder came a picture up and she had no clue why he was doing this. She was like. Wow he impa must be really good friends for him to come and pick me up as a favor. This is really nice of him. So that's that's actually kind of how he started courting her if i remember correctly yeah i knew that. She taught as a young woman but sometimes teachers were. They were seen as unfitting a teacher to be like pregnant. You know right so they were often not married. But i think that really depends on where they were at in particular community so her quote is the only stupid thing about words is the spelling of them. American english is just. I think it's actually. I love that. It's just this melting pot of different cultures. You know how many different the words that we have from different cultures. I think it's really special but i am. Spelling is not something. I am very good at so i definitely kind of feel like mrs wilder really knew what she was talking about there. Yes she was definitely on to something there. The inconsistencies man. I mean i. I complained about you know trying to learn other languages. You know that it's so difficult. And then i think about someone trying to learn english. I know maybe. I shouldn't complain too much long. Yeah yeah so there you have it. It's a short look at a few teachers in history. But here's one final quote says from albert. Einstein says imagination is everything and as a writer and reader. I heartily agree. Tom for our bookworm review. So book today is faiths mountain home by misty m. beller nate long has always watched over his identical twin brother aaron even when it put him on the wrong side of the law when aaron is wounded in a shootout the brothers were taken to settlers for it to recover as networks to make reparations for their past he marvels at the nursing errand receives and the care of a woman with all the reasons in the world to resent him. Laura hanan knows what it is to start over and she knows nate's newfound faith is real what she can't look past is how far he allowed himself to be led astray by his brothers weaknesses. As a fledging trust grows between the and laura they stumble upon a mysterious cave in the mountains. That may not be as uninhabited as it seems as they work together for our common cause will the new lives they seek for themselves include love or is there too much that stands between them looming complex characters and multifaceted relationship. Says i do. I have to say i think the heroes stole show a little bit in the story. Nate is an ex outlaw with a kind heart and a lot of restitution yet to make his brothers also interesting. The kind of character. I want to see how his own book day all in all. It's a great cast. The whole town is full of people. You can easily imagine meeting if you travel back in time. The romance is very sweet and study. The heroin is kind courageous. The hero honorable and humble. There's little violence for a western. The faith element is overt yet. A natural part of characters lives. And i loved the montana setting. I would tell you about the cave but you should probably discover that yourself. This is the third book in the hearts of montana series and from the bits i've seen of earlier characters in this book. I want to read the ups if you enjoy story about. Second chances with plenty of the adventures of montana wilderness can throw at you definitely pick up a copy of faiths mountain home. 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