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A good idea. I've been trying to write this week. I love every part of the writing process except doing. That's the only part. I don't like so haven't got much done but i've got i've got some stuff to. I'm with not much about this week. But i i was. I took my Daughter my daughter to the supermarket this week and we've got to the trolley and she's quite a big six year old and she said she wanted to sit in the little seat in the trolleys had to lift her up and i got her in there but it was quite odd. And there's a point where you're just too big to go in the seat in the supermarket. Trolley am i. Remember that myself and i told her i remember the when i sat was when my mom said i couldn't go in the supermarket. Trotted anymore is in western superman and said the the just too big now and i remember being broken and my daughter said. How old were you when that happened. I said i was twenty eight years old. And because he's never too young to hear first twenty eight year old joke she said no. You weren't eight which is still quite close to to happen. But there's something quite poignant about that about those moments in childhood where you realize you have to leave something behind him. My doors getting close to that age re supermarket trolleys at least made me sad anyway. The livestream helicopters are not exactly coming to and the regular ones. Are we still do some of them. But this is the almost the last official one. We're going to be doing before. Heading over to the clapham grand to start doing live shows. We are doing one more. That will be out next week. But we're recording on the second of june. Which is the day this will go out with nigel. Planer from the young ones and nicholas craig and lots and lots of other stuff. I'm very excited about that. Huge fan of his. So you will be at watch that one on twitch when it comes out at eight pm on the second of june. I forgot that. I was going to be in my parents week. Half term so i over recording my end from cheddar. So there's every in somerset so there's every chance you won't get to see but i'm not sure what the internet like in china they do think is the magic of the whole. Which so you never. But you can't come to see those. Gigs at the clapham. Grand the still some to come go chain dot com slash gigs tastic guests on the way. Let's crack on my guest. This week is probably best known for being the chief officer of the cheshire association of local councils. That's why we're all here. Haven't had many council people on the show by just go. it's time to. i'm not gonna have any rubbish. That got to be at least chief officer. Is jackie weaver. Laser german here. She is hello jacki. Weaver richard to see you. We have just been talking for an hour on your podcasts..

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