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Predators alter so december throwing that out there i don't know thoughts rule you know fault under the category of and trout meant we did the target of lot of all blue loss going to minnesota done what are still liquor laws and the story just broke today the north dakota senators killed the bill to repeal the state's long semin sunday business restrictions the up by parse and measure lifting the state so called blue laws failed twenty two to twenty five today and nearly passed the house last month and the national conferences center legislator say about a dozen state so some form of sunday's sales laws but only north dakota private shopping on sunday morning north dakota residents can order alcohol at a restaurant a bar late sunday morning but must wait until afternoon to go shopping because of a band that's rooted with so religious tradition and the north dakota law wants to record the most almost all business is to stay close on sundays until nineteen ninety you want to call just blows my mind away it does the nineteen ninety one i'm just it that is crazy to me like i said before it tim people asked me what my thoughts on government for a lot of different things that i've been very vocal on the fact that i do believe there are things with him the state that should be left to a lot of the city's counties intelligence or just sort of blog about that not all that long ago and you know i do think it is interesting this situation like roll so minnesota and he gets to be a controversial topic is still have many public service announcements.

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