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Walkin down the street wani he pass stop the window saw the picture so sweet baby they were hugging and he turned aside who from these were maybe oh sleet the homer that brad brad tom okay that's eleven brothers you know if you talked about duet singers you know you can't beat them unless you play the every brother scores but our and charlie leuven and that's from their great album tragic songs of life and the song what is home without love is one of those ten patty songs from the late nineteenth century that eventually made their way into country music what is home without love although in this case ain't the loovens learned it from the monroe brothers who had done earlier and you'd probably the late thirties we played ray and anna patterson they never recorded extensively but they did a lot of old you at teams they probably the chief disciples of the blues cowboys for example and worried raanana doing the house where we were wed we started out the set with dom fleming's done song he got roll akea i've called lonesome river blues but it's part of an album that you ought to look into yatta consider mega it's it's to alison eighteen songs in it is called dom phlegm presents black cowboys and it's part of a what's it called african american legacy recordings on the smith smithsonian footways able and it has old time cowboy songs like see here a good bowel paint a homeowner range tan nuts in the devil's tail oh chisholm trail but also has a lot of other songs like the ones we heard start a good good time string band huhne's and blues songs regret assemblage and another thing that makes it great is it has a pretty extensive booklet included that sort of the history of black cowboys tradition a history that we all ought to know something about because one historian estimated there were at least five thousand cowboys who participated in that culture of course in the old days when you'd see a movie on black on cowboys you almost never see a black cowboy unless it was cal comic role or as a cook or something like that but but african americans played did everything on on the trail drives and again this is on the smithsonian focus as valuable and it's dom fleming's present black cowboys how are we doing owner cartoon thing someplace in cartoon right back.

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