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So I think that they can afford and also the afternoon economies supposed to come up, and you know, the NATO secretary general statement that the they will stay in Afghanistan until very sincere. Fire comes with respect with respect. They're losing faith in the ability of the Ashraf Ghani government to represent an deliver I secure country. If one looks at the most recent US, this is US analysis of the security situation. The office of the special inspector general for Afganistan reconstruction concluded that the Afghan government control of territory has fallen to just fifty six percent of the country's districts. This is a record low and the Afghan national security forces casualties have risen to a record high. I you're losing the wall not really if you compare the this year March April would last March April the figure of casualties much lower on the site and each year in the past in these two months Taliban will secure advances. This is the failed to secure any advance. In fact, they have faced setbacks. So the situation is that in this. If the battlefield is the very well. Well, I don't know how you can sit there and sound so sanguine and so confident look again at the figures nearly four thousand Afghan civilians killed in twenty eight and if we look back over the last five years you've lost killed forty five thousand members of your security forces. That's partly why desertion rates are so very high. You are in no position. It seems to me. To be confident that without continued US support you can hold the line against the Taliban and the Taliban. No that was I think this year realities changing the casualty rate is lower compared to this time last year, then Talibans stamina to fight face to face against the Afghan national security forces is much lower compared to last year. It's politically that the the they are pushed to a higher level, that's because of the US Taliban talks, which naturally boosted their their political position. Battlefield is not matching their political position. Politically, your problem isn't just that the Taliban as you say have this major boost because they're now indirect negotiation communication with senior figures in the American administration. The other political reality is that your president. Ashraf Ghani a man who used to criticize till he gave you a job Ashraf Ghani is deeply unpopular amongst many Afghans. And that is a huge problem for the credibility of your government. I don't think we can claim that will I think the election is just five months away and election will prove that who is popular and who is not popular interesting. You say the election is five months the election should be in may I have gone he should be out of his term of office in may many Afghans believe that if he continues in office beyond may he has no mandate. No legitimacy. Well, we live within a constitutional system. And this court has given a verdict that he can continue until the next election produce, a new president here the words of Hekmat Khalil Kazai. I'm sure you know, well. Former deputy foreign minister, he wrote this in foreign policy magazine, recently, the government of Ashraf Ghani is alienating hidden inside line. The overwhelming majority of senior Afghan politicians because it has not included them in major policymaking decisions. It has failed to improve security and economic conditions and the security conditions have worsened that is the view of a very senior. And it has to be said a man who was loyal to the government for time official. Well, if one person's view matters, then until a few months ago, as you said, I was a stunt critic of president Ronnie, but then I realized that his doors open and he's committed to inclusivity. Well, if I may mean to sound rude, but he bought you off with a job. No, I didn't need that. That's since I needed a role to play in the peace process. And thanks. He gave me because pieces priority for me. And this is very close to my heart and to the heart of all Afghans. So I'm the main player within the whole peace process. And that's that's a that's an honor for me that he is given the principle of inclusivity. He has applied inclusivity. That's why his door open. If he's serious about inclusivity, and you've used that words many times in this interview as a means to get to a better future for Afghanistan. Why after may when his initial term runs out does he not leave power and allow a national unity administration to be created in the interim before new presidential elections. That is an interim government that could be truly inclusive. There is new word mentioned in the constitution about in government. It's extra constitution. He has to abide by the verdict of supreme court in supreme court provided interprofession of constitution. Well, here's the words again on quoting to your senior people in your country. Muhammed Honey, fat Mara former national security adviser. He thinks Ghani has no mandate to go on beyond. May. He says we must support a caretaker government which on the twenty first of may should take over because this. Current government will have a mandate that has ended and given his record. We are much better off without Ashraf Ghani. If I am free to have an opinion in his views, electoral, it's campaigning view. And I think it's a against the constitution. What's going to happen next? And I've gone to STAN the peace process if we can call it that is now in limbo. Once again, you were talking about this grand lawyer juggler sort of peace Jirga that you say is going to happen very soon in the next few days, but what can it possibly achieve when the divisions and the conflict in your country is as deep as ever. Well for peace to come. We need development in three layers internationally or international well, which is their regional coordination and cooperation which we are building. But in the most important one is the national consensus and allergic is the best and the most African is mechanism to to build that the national consensus about peace. It is supposed to provide a framework for talks with Taliban. It is also supposed to identify mechanisms of reaching to a sustainable peace in the country. Mr dogs. I nobody seems to buy it inside Afghanistan. I'm thinking of the chief executive of your own government who is supposed to be working in partnership with Ashraf Ghani Abdul Abdullah. He says he's going to boycott the lawyer Jirga he doesn't believe it is going to achieve anything. Same with presidential candidate Shahad, Becky me. He says he's. Gonna boycott it too. So wearing earth is it going to go? Jerry gays about grassroots level leaders leaders coming from districts from villages from provinces and there'd been huge struggle across the country. Everybody trying to get into to become member of the law Jirga. This is going to be the most Representative merger of our history. The biggest ledger forward history own districts, including those that are controlled by Taliban will have representation in the Jirga. They're on their way to arrive in Kabul. Already one third of the members have arrived and the rest the arriving tomorrow. The big bulk is arriving tomorrow for this ledger gays about a national consensus. It's not about top leaders consensus to Bill top leaders consensus there either mechanism such as the Reconsiliation leadership council that is supposed to bring top leaders consensus not ledger. Is national consensus. It's grassroots level. Census listening to you die. I'm tempted to think Afghanistan is a vibrant democracy in rude. Good health. But of course, the the reality is entirely different. Your country's utterly divided. Half of it is in the control of the Taliban. And if one looks at one of the other fundamentals about ghanistan, you remain one of the most corrupt countries on earth, and the Afghan public is very well aware that Ashraf Ghani for all of his promises to root out corruption as overseeing an administration, just as if not more corrupt than the ones that went before, this isn't a vibrant democracy. You're talking about we are building democracy in the middle of war a war that has continued for forty years, and we are building democracy in the middle of huge flow of aid that that that came to the country. And planned, and but we still appreciate that it the international community provided. So the presence may have a lot of questions. But I'm sure my country's future is bright. We have always remained together. United and we will remain together and United and we will find an entire solution soon. Well, of course, the country's not United. It's absurd to claim. It's united. It's deeply divided. That's why we've seen war for the last twenty years. I put it to you that the war will only come to an end when people like you explicitly say, yes, the Taliban is going to have a very significant role in the future of governance in Afghanistan. Are you prepared to say that to me now? Of course, Taliban beside their a militant force their political group. Also, and they have every right to be part of the political system in the future. So you are prepared to say here and now yes foreign forces led by the United States must leave our country. We must give the Taliban a role in the politics of the future of our country. And that is something that you will commit to. I would say that. Yes. The international forces might leave one day when the right time come with respect. That's not good enough. I mean, the the Taliban called you and your government puppet regime. They say you're being propped up by foreign forces, and they say that Afganistan and can only be truly free and find a free political future. When those forces leave well from the day, I have come to high peace council. I have established a culture of respecting each other. So no matter what language Taliban use against us and against government. I will use the language of respect to them. I consider them Afghans. And I welcome them. And I worked for that that they become part of a larger political system because that's their right? However, I would advise them that to get there. There are other ways than war in violence violence may not get them where the negotiation can get can twenty nine hundred nine be the year of peace ref gonna STAN the hopes high hopes that it might be just a short while ago. Can it be? Yes, I have already declared that the December last year in in London, I declared that and I'm still claiming that the significant beginning of the meaningful peace will start this year. We have to end the but Mohammed doubts. I I thank you very much for joining me on HARDtalk. Distribution of.

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