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Puts her head into the ring. Mitchell tries to spring it upset with three Marie. She's 5 wide. There's a quarter of a mile left to go. The two favorites land first and second at the top of the lane with the later total is shaped by two spices nice and second dreamer Y damage stand side. 8th of a mile to go. Total is shaved gasp my own calling on all her class. She's responding with a three link lead. Spice is nice as clearly second. Third is dream Marie, the davona deo goes to total his shape. She does nothing wrong and wins by a leak and a half. Twice as nice for second three Marie with a huge effort for third and one 36 and three. Welcome back Mike Penn baron in the backstretch with you on this Saturday morning. Pete Ella with the call of last year's davana Dale and totalist shape getting the victory it was part of a huge 2020 season for trainer safi Joseph junior he has continued that momentum throughout 2021 and is now poised to take a shot at the leading trainer title at the upcoming championship meet to do so. He will have to get past perennial leading trainer Todd pletcher who goes in search of a 19th championship title, but sappy hoping to dethrone him. But he's hoping to get past the claiming crown today. He has several horses entered and he's with me now. Here on the horse racing radio network, this interview presented by our friends at jellyfish water. Saf, good morning. Good morning, Mike, thanks for having me on. I was talking earlier in the program about trying to get past Todd pletcher. And some people would say, wait a minute now. That's blasphemy. Safi Joseph junior leading trainer at the championship meet. That's pletcher's meet. You admitted that, but you also didn't hand him to trophy. You said, hey, I think we can give him a run for his money. No, most definitely. This has been his meat for many years from the time I grew up. I've been a fan of it. And last year we got with an 8. I think this year we have more numbers, which always helps you win titles. We're going to give it and try to go after it. It's not going to be easy, obviously. You show these time it comes out of the champion and hopefully, if we don't beat them this year, we'll give them a run for the money and hopefully in the near future we will. We have a segment at the end of the program that's called I ask they answer and Dale Romans and turf writer. Tim wilkin joined me to debate various topics for about 25 minutes or so. And a couple of weeks ago, I posed the question to them. And I said, listen, is it really conceivable that safi Joseph junior could overtake Todd platform and be the leading trainer? And Dale said, you know what? He might win more races than Todd, but Todd's going to walk away with the money title. He's going to win the big races. Yeah, that's why I obviously don't have higher quality horses than at the moment. But our quality is getting up there also. So we're not we don't have the quality he has yet. But we're getting there and our goal is to continue to build here and we have to be trained for great owners and we're taking that more and more on as each basically to weaken our own together eventually. We're not there yet, but we're trending in the right direction. Scott 20 years experience on us with around 34, then he's 54. So I like where our progress will be made and I think we're trending in the right direction. Each year, safi, you have continued to build and you're right, the arrow is pointing up and it has been for several years now. What's been your approach to getting better quality horses and winning better races? How have you been able to do it? Try to get better every day to try to make the team earn this dependent on your team as you kind of or that's the reality of it. There's no horse racing for a reason you need the horses and the owners provide the horses. After that, you have to do your job, but you have to hire good people around you to work with you and just try to make everyone better that you compete against yourself and if you can improve every day yourself and you can improve someone that's on your team every day, the whole team is going to become a unit. For the betterment of the horse. And that's what we try to do with this. Everyone tried to improve rekindling that one. Just keep working hard. Those words sound good, saf, but how does trainer go about acquiring better horses and developing relationships with owners who have the better horses? What's the key? The key is running a simple. You got to run when you win, everyone loves you. You don't want to go wild they forget you and they throw you under the bus very quickly. So that's the reality. When you win everyone, everyone wants you to win. And that's what you have to do. But overall, you got to communicate with your owners. You've got to talk to them and give them honest feedback. The horse is not good or can't compete, you gotta let them know. Sometimes it's a true part, but the truth is only you get better in life and that's where you go to face reality with horses. This is not good enough when you need to drop in class. You got to give the honor the feedback and let them decide if they're going to let you drop the orders a lot. And thankfully we have honors our real estate to trust our opinion and just judgment and it's worth it. You know, you start off with a bang because you come out in the claiming crowd today. And I think you have a total of 8 horses entered on the program today, am I right? Yeah, we got 8 runners today, 7 and a claim is I don't want to in a normal race. Yeah, yeah. Walk me through the horses in the claiming crowd. I'll mention the name you can kind of walk through and tell me about the horses and why you think they're a good fit. I'll start with the 5th race face.

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