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This was probably somewhere around twenty twelve twenty thirteen somewhere around there. I was in the midst of a lawsuit, but I still fight and long story short. I had heard him say that, hey, he fought it one hundred sixty pounds. He said, listen, I'll fight anybody from one sixty to one seventy five. Last way class. I'm one sixty eight have my team reach out, and they pretty much turn it down and less than five minutes. They said, hey, we're going to different direction at these guys meet up the road so be but we're not interested right now. And that's fine. Like, I'm not a guy. That's like China fight smaller guys, but you mentioned my weight class, and you said that you'd be willing to fight any of the champions will here. I am. He just didn't want it. Here. You are. I'm I'm seeing there some they're they're saying, they're they're they're he's orientated the idea fighting you he'll never fight me. Not now I guarantee he'll he he never the only way he was ever gonna get in the ring with me was if he had no choice. He's all he always has a choice. But if if the fans started demanding clamor for it, which they did. But not to the degree that you know, that will put him in a position where he just kind of had to give in. That's the only way he was going to be able to get in the ring with the other than that. He he'd look for the the side door the back door every time. If I wasn't somebody who's looking you in the face Andre ward. And seeing what you. You look like in. No that you're saying what you mean. And mean, what you say I would say that this is the sort of rhetoric. That's normally thrown out there to get a fight. That's what I would say it. What do we do? All right. I will say this. I'm happy retirement. I wish him nothing, but the best, and I honestly hope the phone doesn't ring with the serious care. I'll just say that. So please don't call. In the meantime, let's talk about Brandon Adams versus Shane Mosely, which is the finale of the contender on epochs coming up Friday at the form ten PM eastern time. Two.

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