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It's that quick. Leave your messages and 1877 voiced 86 1877664786 as I mentioned. Mark Geragos will join us in five all five I guess to take a victory lap of sorts about this judge's decision. You lift the L. A County Bannon Outdoor dining. The California Restaurant Association and Mark Era goes his restaurant filed the suit and this Judge James Saga shall fan Reaffirmed his tentative decision to lift the ban. Unfortunately, the state band is still in place that allow it to be the next mountain to conquer. We'll also be talking to Dr Winters again. John about the vaccine news coming up in the Yes. Look our thanks, Fang. This is quite a story from Axios. We're going to talk about Fang Fang. Yeah. Wasn't Phangnga soupy sales, his little friend on the setting sail ship? Yes, Well, the puppet Christine. Thank my memory doesn't go back that Farkas. Uh well, you know, it's soupy Sales. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He used to be a talk show host in New York. Right for years. Right? Was a kids TV, right? I'm in his later part of his career. Oh, yes. Yeah, I remember Soupy sales got in trouble because he was telling kids to send in money or something. Remember that we had to reach in your parents wallets and send him the Lincolns. Everything big. Fucked up with the picture day. Abraham Lincoln about I think was well thank thing is also known as Christine Fang. And this story is she was a spy for China. And she embedded herself in Bay Area politics. She also slept with at least two Midwestern mayors. Now the story goes, She actually left the country and 2015. She arrived in 2011 under the cover of being a student she fund raised for Congressman Eric Swalwell. Remember, that guy didn't run for president ran for president for about a week and a half. He's from Northern California and another one that ran for president Tulsi Gabbert. Both of them ran in the 2020 Democratic. So she's a spy, and she sleeping with mayors and raising money for really low rent candidates. What's what's the advantage there? I think you're the idea was for her to work her way up, and people said that she was everywhere. There's numerous pictures of her with Congressman. I know that Judy to RO Khanna, my condo these roll California Congress members, Mayor, State Assembly members, Town Council members, she was just trying to embed herself. And mostly, it looks like California politics, although, according to sources, the mayor's that she had a romantic relationship with where we're somewhere in the Midwest. The first is being reported as a elderly man who introduced her as his girlfriend. Yeah, Some guy Martino Mayor Gilbert Wong referred to this mayor is an older man from an obscure city who referred to Fang Fang as his girlfriend. But a sexual encounter involving Fang and Ohio Mayor was also caught on FBI surveillance. Well, what's she getting out of these mayors if it's an obscure city in the Midwest? What if I make mayor has become bigger players? You see, I think that's the possibility. Wow. That's got her on the ground. You see what she can find out. You've got to have patience for maybe a couple of decades. Maybe. Yes, well, well ran for President Tulsi Gabbert, Though the Gabbert people said that she is that she never met fact I'm but there's pictures of her with Eric Swalwell. Oh, yeah, Well, I mean, they do end up taking pictures with thousands and thousands of people. Oh, here's what? And there's no way that vet all the crackpots who who send you money. They get cozy with politicians early on in their career, so they can influence them later on, See it's a long term project. So this was his bare life. Chinese spies. Yeah, well, she was only in her twenties or early thirties. So she has she could hang around here 20 years and she if she can't find the next Obama, you see what I mean? What kind of crazy stuff to these women do in bed? We have to get their hooks into these guys. Well, you know, is this a new elderly? Possibly white Mayor from obscure city might find it very exciting, right that this young Chinese girl thinks I'm hot. Some some some old guys have you know Asian Fixations? Yes, exactly. Yes, she enrolled as a student at Cal State East Bay. I don't know that one in 2011 Cal state, he's bag caffeine, Okay, blended in well with the undergraduate population. Then she began involving herself, embedding herself in local Bay Area politics, and everyone said she was at all the fundraiser. She was a bundle for several counts of petty bungled. I'm just going back, though I'm trying to understand this. There's thousands and thousands of mayors, right? Yes, you wanna You wanna get connected to powerful people that you can then eventually extort get secrets out of right compromise in some way. Or you get connections. What made you pick these two obscure mayor's? That's what that's what I don't understand. I mean, maybe maybe, though, turn into something big. But probably not. Most mirrors really don't go anywhere beyond their local town or the they become a county politician, or what if she came across them. By chance. It looked like she was realized work just back from politics kind of working out of moves. Well, she started getting close to Swalwell. When he was a council member in Dublin City. She developed close ties to his office helped him bring in big donors. I mean, you and I laugh at that guy because he's just an obscure California congressman, but he did run for president. I mean, if you're gonna go, you know, it's probably not hard to Real and Bill Clinton. Oh, and then she started attending conferences for mayors. That's where she met these guys. Carcetti. No, E..

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