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Sex therapist, Cinna breath ninetieth birthday last year. And trust me. This petite foot seven inch woman is. Bursting with energy and great ideas about love and sex, plenty of sex older. They should talks about his stuttering tender an amazing humor. This creating was followed by QNA that director of the commander Ryan white and author filmmaker Liz Goldwyn in other Hemery man to keep an eye on is the upcoming so biz ocean of important rugs by fully celebrated artist with strong ties to the hammer museum. Artists including singer Sherman. And Henry Taylor, Mark Bradford and Giudici Kaga, then they too that out in support of the museums pioneering exhibition program and look out for UCLA upcoming celebration of Iranian cinema, which will take place hammers Bill while the theater in upcoming two weeks. The ongoing conflict between the United States and its adversaries such as Iran and the Russia to learn about the art and culture is not just a destruction. But it means better understand opponents and hopefully diffusing political tensions the craft in the full Cotonou Ziam, which renamed itself craft contemporary is hosting an eye opening exhibition focus Iran three of contemporary photography veto, offering view into the life of today's Iranian youth. The rooks explo- subject, including religion, family, clear, identity and gender. Colorado City-based Wendy museum of the Cold War with its cut an exhibition crumbling empire. The power of dissident voices makes its own important contribution to our understanding of Russian history and culture that are over one hundred posters Russian artist who's images ironic and the times highly critical of Soviet socialism, some of the posters make fun of conic coming images of wrokers and farmers, and I couldn't help giggling at the postal of a Russian Matrosskaya nesting, dull, exposing her underwear. But other posters with images of a in in Hitler assured to make you harassed and on end one of the posters shows the stood dictators handcuffed to each other. As they greet their worshippers in another it bust of stunning is this constant into what corrections called the dust bin of history. The intriguing thing about this is that most of the posters for the product collision of two Beverly Hills high school, teachers, Tom and Jerry Farris, the bottom posters do their regular trips to the Soviet Union. My congratulations to the wind museum, which was vice and lucky enough to be able to acquire the collection..

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