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A sub, not just a sub 5. He ran a sub four 8. He was a four 7 three, which is just, I mean, when it happened, my job, I think I made an audible noise and just looked at me and was like, what? What's going on? And I was like, a 340 pound dude with ran of four 7 three. Even she was impressed. So, you know, that's when you know, right? By the way, you know who else ran a four 7 three officially? That arisa. All the best players are running for it. Although, if you go back, you watch the tape, he ran like a four four two. They screwed him on the clock, but all the best players are officially running anyway. Go ahead. Yeah, you know, you know, and just as impressed by somebody running fast at the combine. And really, really fast. So anyways, without Jordan Davis on the board because at this point if that guy doesn't go on the top ten of this draft at the top 15, then I have no freaking clue what these teams are doing. I mean, come on. Right. So if we go on to the next one here, I think the next guy in line, if you're trying to get, look, I think devonte Wyatt is a really good player. He's definitely going to be a first rounder. He's somebody that I think can be more of like an end, right? Maybe a three technique defensive end, not necessarily true nose tackle. Travis Jones from Connecticut. If Jordan Davis didn't run like an absolute cyborg, then we'd be talking a lot more about Travis Jones workout on Saturday at the combine. Four 9 O official 40 yard dash for Travis Jones. He tested as an elite tester as well. Absolutely showed out at the senior bowl. He's somebody at the Patriots, checks a lot of boxes for New England as a one technos tackle senior bowl guy who played really well there, played locally at UConn. I think that he's the next guy in line for them on the defensive line if they still want to add another body next to bar more. Yeah, I mean, it depends which way they want to go, do they want to add a true nose or do they want to put another athlete next to barmore, right? We speculate on the last show. The guy like Perry on Winfrey. I think Jones, if they want to add that nose tackle, I mean, Jones is the guy the thing is now his stock is going up. Not only because he had a great combine, but Jordan Davis Jordan Davis is going to go even.

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