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Me say this budget Morgan the your reputation at Saint Jude has been they kinda got to drag you out of there sometimes because you're known as guide stays around the long a sound like once you talk with the family the kids there yeah man so it's really I don't know it's it's something that's really means a lot to me just because I don't know I guess I have a sort of a compassion for that kind of thing I've never really had a personal you know family member or a kid that's been through that but I've known people my dad was a pastor going up the charts and he you know he dealt with that some and I guess I got some of his heart when it comes to stuff like that and yeah I enjoy you know trying to to make them feel better another there's got to be tough another probably tired a lot and it's it's gonna be you know they're away from their home and away from most the people they love so try to just be a little bit of a light to families never pay bill Saint Jude that's why we're raising money today for treatment our travel housing or food and St Jude treats patients from all fifty states all over the world doctors in the toughest cases St you from everywhere because they have the world's best survival rates so as we say be a partner hope you know we've also we're trying to entertain you as well that's what Morgan came at Morgan Wallace here is like I can play and so hopefully you're inspired hopefully that you know you hear some of the stories to the show any and you want to get twenty Bucks a month to help you know hopefully we're doing both winter Tennessean inspiring and I you can also call eight hundred seven nine five eighteen hundred you know I like to hear Morgan for taste it again to request here yeah I had laser you play chasing you our I know that you that's new song it is here that I haven't heard you play that like broken down on here on the radio sometimes the good one I like playing a broken down I'm yes as good as I find any other way yeah you like the song or no no I hate it yeah it's actually it's one of my favorites man that I've that I've wrote so far one of my favorites on my own to sister around when I first moved here to Nashville and it's it's a song that can help me get there Tom my life too so it's best for me by Morgan Wallace here here is chasing you two three we used to chase said Jan for governor keys instead of les gets a little there when we cross tricks sippin on some from a paper saying he hangs Sir known to many Pullin slip into the mountains there if they were very long as Japanese and German name I guess I still don't know what I was doing in seizing this he learning learning JZ that's a anywhere there is no season now freed offices in that land news so says in that you in my you and some more Jay's noon yeah he always used to our combat LA I heard you got as far as saying of Hey you know what's sad to chat queue down but I only got as far as get some the saying about a girl Houston Houston no shoes no home Linda I haven't given her arms and was the only radio chasing.

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