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From who can also come back and give you the playbook to getting the results that you want whether that is building a million dollar company a billion dollar company or just having an extra ten k a month in passive cash flow so they can live the life style that you want they're all going to be there advising you at the capitalism conference so i'm inviting you to join us this december's seventh eighth and ninth in austin and he can grab your seatthe capitol is and conferencecom hey faslane irs this is ryan danya moran welcome to the show today you're gonna meet someone who i have asked to keynote one of the day's at the capitalism conference and his name is hal elrod i've asked how to speak out one of the day's at cap con because hal a successful entrepreneur who a year ago was diagnosed with a form of cancer where he was given a ninety percent chance of dying and during that time he became very focus on what was important very focused on how he needed to change his life and his business and he said that he had the best year of his life today he's on the other side of beating that cancer and now that he has cancer free and healthy i'm personally fascinated with what he has learned about life i'm fascinated with how he looks at money and success how his life view has changed as a result of staring death.

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