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Our event and the intersection of industry finance philanthropy and in regulation that is really of paramount issues of the of the day. Yes yes i mean. I was looking at the agenda because we we just wrapped our day to day coverage vice. Seo twenty twenty I realized that the world stem cell summit was just a couple of weeks before that Which it's the flagship event of course And there were big names in the stem cell field specifically like gordana boom kuniaki. No novakovic. Sorry about that. Takanori takebe of course Who is also is a cr. Should know but but you alluded to it. Also there's other other elements that need to be lever d- To move the field forward. There are notable figures in pop science. I don't want to reduce up more popular science as well as hard science Aubrey de grey. Was there also politics. Nancy pelosi showed up in in sports. Shorts and dinner saw sterling sharpe x. Nfl player not to mention nih director francis collins. Also there on the agenda. So yeah i mean i could go on but neither say it was real. All star cast but diverse Specifically like the the more notable popular culture figures. What's exactly the role there in advancing. The mission is getting the visibility amongst public. We need ambassadors amongst popular culture to to relay this information. Science are these just advocates for for their own reasons. I think you've hit upon something at the core. My world view of the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. It's basically self therapy's and When we think about medicine we think about drugs. Biologics medical devices and another platform. Self therapy's i didn't originate that idea. came from some writings. A friend dr. chris mason had a in london but In i think that's a real solid understanding of what we have here. Cell therapy's is different. There are a whole array of challenges to bring this into the practice of madison whose ox is being gored right. How does it lets the interplay with the pharmaceutical industry How do we Regulate this What are the challenges. The financial challenges. Who's going to fund the research all of these societal issues Crop up and if this is profound is i think it is Of course if we're going to need ambassadors house the normal person myself included before. I got involved. The field didn't think much of the national institutes of health or the role of the food and drug administration.

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