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Just people like what did you expect over mortal kombat movie. I was like fun camp violent but fun can yes right like either. Do a good story or do fun. Camp don't give me. I don't even know what it was their story like. They couldn't decide it like they wanted to go to this super like almost realistic fighting style in that like early medieval feudal japan sort of period. And then they suddenly wanted to bounce toward like doing fatalities from the game you know directly sound effects and they just ping pong back and forth and i did not work pick one or the other but those really bad like like not like fun one but like the like eddies punisher like nineties. Punisher the really early Longer lundgren. I believe it is like where it's just like it's not even reviewable stuff to it. It's just like bad and not entertaining at like low budget in terrible and like the editor reasonably high budget. I would assume but like everything else about it was like it was the worst movie. I've seen it. It made batman versus versus man. Look well-considered what's no never never watched batman versus superman. But i am. I am willing to agree with that. Statement why they invented a new protagonist who they basically gave the role johnny cage and at the end. He's like. I'm going to go to hollywood and be johnny cage. And it's like they do johnny cage. That's why do we just do lou. The protagonist protagonist power was. He was really good at getting beat up so he gets metal skin but not in his face and then everyone insists only punching him in his medal ribs instead of his face for the rest of the movie. Even goro who had forearms us all four of them to punch him in the sternum. This movie does not sound so and you would think it would be fun with all this rightly at least stupid and it's like it's just like come on give me something. Give me a wink wink at me. Please it was so it was so weird and then there was just like bizarre stuff like they get these Kind of pseudo brands. That are like the mortal combat logo mark them as like earth's champions. Like okay. I can dig that and that is supposed to be what grains them their magical powers you know as fireballs whatever. Okay i can dig that. But then jack's gets these little puny robot arms and then when he unlocks his like a magical potential. They grow into big bulky. Beefy robot arms like that's his magical power can show us like and sonia spent the entire movie really really wishing she could have magical powers and then she gets her magical powers at like. It's more likely once before this more twenty twenty one than her powers were she shoot speaking some kind of energy speaking of sonia. I noticed in her first couple scenes as man. Something sounds weird with her accent..

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