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Ted Williams tunnel westbound to back into the terminals at Logan crested Frei insurance rotor for and Mike king for WBZ's traffic on the threes. And now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast with meteorologist John Feerick. And we are so happy to see the sun. This is the prize because it's been cloudy, mostly cloudy, all day and across the entire state. And there you go, voila, we're seeing sunshine. Yeah. It's it's really been a cloudy stretch here over the last several weeks, really. But seeing a few breaks out there now and overall looks like the weather improving a little bit as we head through the next few days. We'll see some sun from time to time tonight. Not nearly as chilly as it's been the last few nights Dow the fifty one and then clouds some sun for tomorrow, maybe a shower high in the low sixties partly cloudy tomorrow night, the low fifty and then mostly cloudy on Friday. A couple of showers around is sixty. Looking nice on Saturday, partly sunny, high sixty seven and still not too bad on Sunday. Maybe a shower high in the mid sixties, I'm AccuWeather meteorologist John Feerick. WBZ? Boston's NewsRadio John and north Adams right now mostly sunny there but a beautiful afternoon shaping up in that community, sixty degrees. I think you guys have the hot spot this hour, Ono, Westfield. Has you beat by three degrees? Sixty-three partly sunny, their Worcester in the clouds, mostly cloudy. Fifty six in Boston is fifty nine and partly sunny ROY foundation and Franciscan children's invite you to be used Nickerson field. Thursday June thirteenth for the ninth annual Boston wiffle ball challenge. Thirty two teams will compete for the title with lots of fun activities for your family, including the fifty fifty raffle event starts fun five twenty six a check of New England business retail sales in America stink. According to the feds and WBZ's Jeff Brown says what's going on in DC right now is not helping surprise American..

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