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Cell Stephen Madsen made his spring debut on Sunday gives up a home run who cares he feels fine it's spring training you take it for what it's worth what's going to be fascinating to watch dell is that one of these three starters reporter so all Stephen Vance Michael Walker going to find themselves in a bowl ban Michael Walker is a Brody Klein I don't think Michael Lockwood have signed here if he thought his role would be coming out of the bullpen report sellers guy once I own a couple years ago and wanted things you like about poor cell the guy goes out and pitches he's durable he's out there every fifth day and you have seen the mat su walks like a guy who started to come into his own a little bit it's never gonna be that top one one a type guy but it's been durable I thought he pitched decently well enough for the Mets last year and then the job is the only lefty within the rotation I for one want to have that left yeah if you're asking me how wide line up of on the Mets because of the injury problems walk up put in the bullpen I don't care if you have promised the stock in the starting rotation that's not my issue Postel and that's being in the rotation I think is better option and that's the way I wanted out but said the Long Island originally Raghu bridge she Jerry Jerry Jerry dropping okay I love you baby G. Stansky but close enough for a chance okay I give you that give me an a for effort all right baby I tell you what I wanted I was struck quite a real quick that's off the book but yes I quite a bite out of the fight was awesome I think they should have a rematch and I think third the Yankees Montgomery everybody forget about Montgomery if you're brave betcha he's a great picture I'm not a great pitcher quite yet he has talent he I don't see that comparison at all if you want to make the poor man's Jamie Pettit comparison you know Richie I'm okay with doing that he's a left handed starter much like Andy Pettitte was a left handed starter I know a lot of people like the idea that Montgomery in his first year in seventeen was able to work in and out of trouble ROZ we go with the Mike Mussina comparison but but I think June Montgomery is a guy who should I have every opportunity to be in his Yankee rotation at the start of the year specially when you look at no faxing and more than likely no Louis Severino that first Thursday in Baltimore continue thank you didn't think about A. J. at I mean what what do you think you'd be doing right now if they traded away Jay have to like the Anaheim angels or whoever in salary dump that move just goes to show you can never have enough starting pitching and for the Yankees it seems like they're almost pick up right where they left off last year we D. cavalcade of injuries that I wanted them throughout the year and it didn't really hurt him is the one hundred plus games yeah thank you fan yeah I headed that direction yet again let's head to Tom's river New Jersey James up next season on the fan what's up James are you doing James what's up man which I get it as a cowboys fan which but Jack Walker it's so you spend the money and recycle for Jones and bring back Robert Quinn who picture team in sacks I would not because then what do you do at quarterback who's playing quarterback for the cowboys you say goodbye to that Prescott maybe take a chance Sir for a year with Andy Dalton was James nah nah nah nah nah nah nah I can't I can't do that you want to do don't play big games in December and January I have but I'm not miserable I mean James let me ask you question your cowboys fan of course I yes your goal is to get to win the Superbowl any dogs getting into a super ball no but I think we could use that money in other places instead of all on one player but it's the quarterback position James you're not alone in this every team throughout football has to go through this conundrum of whether or not they want to pay the quarterback and I get it the numbers that you're hearing for dak Prescott seem outrageous sold you is a cowboy fan I understand your concern all of a sudden we gonna have cap problems we just gave Ezekiel Elliott a ton of money what are we gonna do with Mari Cooper how we gonna keep guys on our defense I see the wheels in motion for you but here's what you got to know about back the guy's been a starter in the league what since two thousand and sixteen he's gotten better statistically speaking year after year after year he's a leader he's mobile he's got a good head on his shoulders he's got this sort of intangibles that I think you need to have in order to be quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys I got a bandana fact James dad dad Prescott could take me to where I need to go he's a good quarterback I am by no means saying he's a great quarterback but that's a guy got to take care of I can let him leave my promises I can do it do it you keep him where do we go with receiver I think it's more cheesy James to go and find yourself a wide receiver and look more Cooper two years ago changed dynamically you came I'll be the first to admit that I don't know if you wanna make the playoffs two years ago he came over and all of a sudden something shifted within the Dallas Cowboys that's absolutely true mark Cooper misses a ton of time Amari Cooper also at times stretched way too many passes for my liking I think you can look at these draft where Edie's Lordy James with wide receiver prospects majesty senior lives in the Jerry Judy's in the world I mean we're talking about one of the deeper pools at wide receiver bad I've seen in a long long time you can go get yourself another good wide receiver to put alongside Michael Gallup I think you could survive a heck of a lot more going about your business that way then what you would try to sell me on when it comes to quarterback I'm sorry it can't be Andy Dalton I'm just throwing that one may not there because I know you're gonna be caught only for a year maybe you did get a Jaylen hurts or so in the third or fourth round yeah I'm not buying that James I'm sorry I'm not I appreciate the call we could not disagree more when it comes to what you do about that Prescott I know you'll get a move on I'm not expressed as a winning quarterback in a sleek see Patrick Mahomes not all if you also Wilson now biologic Dan any quarterback who's not a top three quarterbacks in the league you moving off that press got right now statistically speaking he's feeding the demographic of a top ten quarterback in the league I mean moral moral played the par last year I know his team didn't win the games that you would like on the wind that's me falls fall morning head coach by the way than it does on the quarterback as he put up big numbers but cowboys could win he's done a fair amount of winning mail negatives the plows winning a playoff game to meet our boys you develop them he brought in new coach Mike McCarthy you gotta let Mike McCarthy now get his hands on back and see what he could tell it's a great state of Connecticut I could put your OB Robbie Buhl high on the screen rob Mayes just how long what's going on this is rob from Connecticut we've talked in the past yeah yeah all of them up in my rolodex right now as they speak what the hell's going on how are you Hey listen I you know I thought as I listen to a lot of your show on the job and you know you made us proud of their job anyway I can tell you what I'm trying to get into Friday night told it's impossible I'm happy here right very very happy to hear that that means the phone lines were jammed for four hours that means we're doing our job Jill Madinger listen radio and I say this all the time rob it needs to be organic it needs to have that like free flowing nature to it where even on a week when they're in a whole lot going on you got to know where you're going to talk about in your head but you're just going to let it rip that's what we did five days rob it was a blast it was easy peasy but it's good to be back talk we've signed Mr how you been well I'm not sure but I'll be back even though I you know you know what I want you I want you to have that right spot permanently but good to have you here Hey so listen yeah it's a big day here today difficultly memorial of staples today you got the NHL trade deadline a lot of stuff going on and you know it's going to be a busy day for Rangers fans is they worry about the future of Chris Kreider and it's such a weird spot rob for the Rangers because they've police this is all well the storm to get back in the will race even though they still have a lot of work to do in order to make the playoffs what do they want to make a move dad's about the short term they want to make a move that's about the long term can they pull off a way to lose Kreider now want to trade and bring them back in the free agency period so many moving parts good it looks like they're gonna trade him at this point rob that's what I'm here I I would I would love to see him in the room uniforms he went it plays college hockey Boston College I need a masters of boy I don't know if they could swing that we give them not a bronze I already made a big move for a week and then on to a case from on the docks and mop that again a first round pick for Hammond so unless they will you know which ones are what the Rangers and then there's something I don't know but I'd love to see him with the bronze are you watching the latest all the games I did that even though the officials tried to drag it out make it at the end of the game goodness thanks to rob that fall away jumper from Oberon and the golf course Koby Mandell staff had a little in the air will brown after the game telling you that he was being courted a certain way I knew basically he had to do the opposite I want to get that shot off and you feel almost like smiling or OB as the third guy shot saying you know what I live for this sort of stuff Amanda okay I was slightly worried on land and I am worried because this in the suburbs wow them and watch them and not a game everything they could handle in L. A. and and and and I was in I was out Campbell Walker you know and so I don't know man I yeah detail later is still and they're still messing up he's not in the best time Morris I guess I don't know if he's.

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