Marijuana, Mississippi, Iman Mosque discussed on Mark Levin


Four eight eight eight temporarily blocking Mississippi law that would ban most abortions wants a fetal. Heartbeat is detected. Mississippi is one of several states that have pushed to enact bans on early abortions this year, hundreds of black market metal marijuana operations rated in Colorado, that thority say flouted, the state's legal pot law rowing, tens of thousands of plants in the Denver area and selling it out of state. We cannot put the genie back into the ball can't do it. This is going to be an ongoing issue for Colorado moving forward. This operation has not destroyed the black market. It has only dented it district attorney George rocked, ler more than eighty thousand plans in forty five hundred pounds of harvested, marijuana overseas, twelve hundred forty-seven homes and businesses. Rated with forty two people arrested Amazon shareholders, overwhelmingly rejecting a proposal that the company stopped selling facial recognition technology to government agencies. The sale of technology to law enforcement and Oregon. Florida has put the company at the center of a growing debate over facial recognition for critics warning a false matches and arrests in proponents around. It arguing it keeps the public safe. A man shot dead by police outside of Florida. Mosque was wanted a Florida man confronted by the US marshals service, along with officers from local police departments was shot and killed Friday afternoon. The death occurred in the parking lot of the mushy, Iman mosque in Fort Lauderdale, the task force was searching for the man, whose identity is not publicized, as he's accused of attempted murder, and he confronted the police with a gun drawn worshippers from the mosque say he was unknown to them in Miami. Been Brown FOX new relations firm with ties to Hollywood has been enlisted by the government of Botswana to fight bad publicity, generated by the decision to lift its ban on elephant.

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