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Support for this podcast in the following message comes from the ups store who knows small business owners don't gets to take days off so of you need help with shipping this upcoming holiday they'll be open the ups store franchise locations are independently owned and operated services prices in hours may vary see sensors for details live from npr news in washington on janine herbs the american civil liberties union assuming suing the trump administration over its plans to roll back a requirement that employers include birth control in their employee health plans and beers allison kojak reports the for many the lawsuit pits religious freedom against women's rights the aclu filed its suit just hours after the trump administration announced its plan to allow more employers to claim a religious or moral objection to paying for birth control it claims that allowing companies to opt out of the birth control mandate discriminates against women and amounts to allowing employers to impose their religious beliefs on their workers and the aclu is an alone the attorneys general of massachusetts and california say they are also planning to sail the lawsuits are the first of all probably be many legal battles between advocates of religious freedom and advocates of women's rights allison kojak npr news a hurricane warning is upper parts of the gulf coast as tropical storm need approaches the national hurricane center says the storm is expected to become a hurricane by the time it makes landfall somewhere between louisiana and the florida panhandle this weekend louisiana governor john bell edwards is urging people to get ready no one should take the storm lightly.

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