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Of seventy eight currently seventy two degrees our top local story on NewsRadio, WBZ m. three months after his death the Chicago fire department is put the badge of firefighter. Want bushido, in a place of honor WBZ Nancy hardy with the story in a ceremony at the fire academy. Mayor Rahm Emanuel called a courageous hero Chicago has been, made better because of one boosts you All of us in this room are made better because we knew one fire Commissioner. Jose Santiago, helped boost heroes sons Joshua and Jacob unveiled their fathers addition to the departments wall of honor today. We place ones badge next the badges of our heroes We're also taking in the line of duty and gave the wrong boosts your, died, in, may while. Diving looking for. A man who had fallen into the Chicago, river anti hardy NewsRadio one, zero five point nine FM Chicago police say two teenagers are being released without. Charges after they were questioned about the. Murder of two other teenagers over the weekend sixteen year old race one Turner seventeen-year-old Darnell flowers both. Found shot to death in a field near one hundred. Thirty first and roads both had been reported missing on. Friday the Tribune reports police say they're exploring a couple of different motives and have not ruled out robbery students returned, to class this week at Dixon high school three, months after gunfire erupted there say nineteen. Year old Matthew Melby, brought. His mother's rifle, to Dixon high on may seventeenth and opened fire, in the gym during graduation rehearsal. And then exchanged shots with the school resource officer. Mark Dallas who wounded Melby an ended the incident Dixon's principal Dr Mike Grady says several security updates have been made to the school.

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