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Then the pain became unbearable crazy. Over the first night. I woke up and i was sweating so cold. My body my own state aid the fifteen year old says she and the rest of her family tested positive for covid nineteen in january. They isolated in their two bedroom apartment in fort totten relying on family members and neighborhood groups to drop off groceries once guzman martinez symptoms began to ease. She faced another challenge finals. Point school wasn't even important. Because i prioritize health before school one hundred percent the sophomore at columbia heights education campus logged back onto virtual school on january eighteenth after missing two weeks. She says she still had. Lingering covid nineteen symptoms but didn't want to miss any more class. She struggled to focus on her computer screen and sit upright for long periods of time. She negotiated deadlines with teachers and stayed up late to get caught up listening to recordings of spanish lessons as she solved. Trigonometry problems. stay up get it done. Turn it in. It's really hard to focus became mayor for education. Paul kind of school leaders have adjusted grading in attendance procedures to account for students hardships. The city is also ask the federal government to waive requirements for high stakes standardized tests. This year at idea public charter school in dean would head of school justin rid strum says the pandemic has made him what is equitable. How do you grade students fairly if they miss class because they are caring for siblings lens matter if assignments are eventually completed a lot of it has then kennedy throwing a lot of the policies out the window there in their homes and you know that requires a whole way of thinking and teaching about how you reach them. Diana race was a senior at walter. Johnson high school in bethesda last spring when her mom and dad became sick with covid. Nineteen race had to drive for parents to multiple medical facilities before they could get tested. She has her. Parents were hospitalized for nearly two weeks once home. The eighteen year old became their caretaker for several more weeks until they recovered. I just didn't know what to do right. It's kinda hard recent to secure pain. I took a shower and literally It was so hard for me to see the pain. University of maryland researchers interviewed students and educators gumri county public schools about black and latino students experiences with learning during the pandemic associate professors family science. Amy lewin and kevin. Roy published a study on behalf of a coalition that advocates were black and latino students in the county once or called worrying for their mother. Who was sick with the krona virus could not work another described watching fewer of his friends show up for online class opting to work instead. The researchers say students who have to take on economic worries and household duties are experiencing adult education where adolescents are expected to act in adult like ways before being prepared for adulthood. Here's lewin when the adults in your world are having to turn their attention elsewhere. Just to survive stress levels community really high citizen people living with that kind of chronic stress can take a toll in all kinds of ways physiologically as well as psychologically per was martinez the tenth. Grader in dc says. She did better on finals and she expected quarter but she is only looking forward to one thing about the rest of the school year. The end of it for w. and you. I'm w trong this week on through the cracks. What made release herod's disappearance standout to the media child. That young is usually out so quickly after their images released listened to through the cracks. Wherever you get your podcasts..

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