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You're going to find the some that don't even glorified in that what's the american psycho affect you know it's a legitimately dangerous film john hinckley famously credited it was did what he did for jodie foster and i think it's thorny issue in terms of like how much responsibility filmmakers have for the impact that has on society i tend to favor the artist in cases like this but they're like almost trump's chris from filmmaking for awhile right like the feeling responsible yeah well i mean that's the thing that's been word seductive the words adoptive applies of the sense that like you've got that bernard hermann scores as a kind of a romantic quality to at times dark but present but i do think the film is much as maybe we don't know who travis's travis scary or obviously dangerous and unhinged the film really captures profound way a certain mode of alienating of urban alienate of male ilya nation you get palpable sense of how much he's hurting and i think that people menace 'specially young men especially me when i was when i was younger responded to that aspect of the film i've never i've never even gotten into fistfights by life i i'm not i'm anon violent person but the feeling of being apart from the rest of society of not understanding women being rejected all of these feelings are captured an such pablo away in the film that you feel it you know and so so the film does maintain that kind of sense of danger in that it remains so yeah i mean sometimes i can see how one would look a little bit of scans at people who like taxi driver too much it's not about liking taxi driver i think it's about like idolizing or celebrating elevating travis pickles or specifically as a character you know it's like the american psycho effect it's not about liking the movie it's about the extent to which she identify with that character and identifying with.

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