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You listen ooh oh this is fantastic how would sam levine oh i'm sorry this is from two headed bach be h two headed by how would at simla vena fared if he had gone to the same military school and steve ag whoa and we'll this there's a second part let's first part and then we'll get to the second one i would have been fine why do you say it was makes you so sure it was mostly made up of people like us it's your choose from new jersey oh yeah dude here one of my best friends in military school is a guy named josh weighing one unfortunate name who i think now owns like a a bunch of bagel restaurants in new york and if they're not called wings he's blowing it i don't think it might even be franchises of like a you know what's one of those popular bagel yeah yeah yeah yeah okay something like that okay but yeah you would have totally fit in to like no you would had no fucking problem all right if you were funny in military school it carried a bit carried you along way okay all right well i appreciate that so there you go to headed by steve says i would have been fine i disagree i think i would have gotten from time that you wouldn't you wouldn't have you would have hated it oh everybody hated well ninety percent of the people hated it the guys who are now in prison they were comfortable by the way there was a kid there because it was a middle school high school and junior college and there's like a whole chain of command with the students i mean there are teachers and and stuff who also have rank or whatever but there's a whole chain of command you know most of us are privates or you know stuff like that but the head the student who is the head of the school i the i got i forget what they're called them he was in the junior college and his father was famous casting director mike fenton wow who casts like back to the future lot of really great shit from the from the eighties about that that was your in mahan i never got to know all right here we go and two headed buzz says or oh i didn't realize it was more on the flipside what would steve agee's bar mitzvah theme have been magic there wouldn't have been magic what would your team have been you know bar mitzvahs and barn but misses or benign minutes if you will what was your do you know i did not have one you didn't have did not know i had a bar mitzvah just no theme no theme yeah i had a theme l'espoir mitzvah i feel like mine wouldn't have had a theme either but yeah fuck if i could go back now and create a theme for one you can actually have one now you can have our mitzvah at any age it is a misconception that you can only have it when you're thirteen by the way i have a bunch of friends and we have recently been talking about once a month getting together for like you know some people do game nights i have some friends to game once a month now getting together and doing few eulogies funerals for each other so dark steve i know and by the way all my friends all my friends are totally into yeah when can i come to the next i think you know dave dastmaltchan yeah you.

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