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Are here to lead you into the weekend. With some fun horse talk. And some really bad ads. On horses in the morning. Well yesterday was a big news day in the horse world. Oh my gosh, it was crazy. He's like two big stories in one day. I remember when we covered this first story, we're going to talk about the Michael bear his own thing. And we covered this in the beginning, two, three years ago. And we said, you know, there's more to this story. There's just the story is so bizarre. I mean, it seemed like ELISA wysocki novel. And New Jersey of all places. So, you know, Nancy jaffer, who's one of the most well-known journalists for the horse world. We see her all the time in Kentucky. She lives in New Jersey, so she was at this trial and of course we're talking about the Michael barrison. He's a Olympian. He was on the Olympic team. He was a dressage trainer and writer. And he shot two people shot one person and shot at the other. This pair that was living on his property that he was trying to evict and they were driving him absolutely insane and apparently so much so that when the trial finally came lasted a couple of weeks took four days for the jury to come to a conclusion and what they said was that he is innocent by reason of insanity for shooting her and he was ruled not guilty for anything to do with the woman's boyfriend. So if you want to read all about it, if you have not heard about this at all, you need to go take a look because there's a lot more than we can cover in this short time. But if you look at it and on the outside you're like, oh my gosh, this guy shot somebody and they pleaded sanity and it worked and then you start to read some of the things she did. Well, you've dealt with the situation not quite this bad, but was similar. Well, just the fact where it said he tried to evict somebody and they wouldn't leave. I was like, oh my God, if that was the case, I'd burn the house down with them. It's just something else. So he faces a psychiatric evaluation. He's not out yet. Now, he's been in jail for three years. Because he had no parole, or no bail, rather. So he's been there for three years. He did not look good. You saw the pictures of him. He looked like a skeleton. I mean, just didn't look good at all. He looked like Nick Nolte's mugshot. So he's going to be going for evaluation and they're doing another hearing on May 17th to determine, I guess what happens to him. So if you want to read more about this in a really good article, somebody who sat in on the trial for the couple of weeks who said it was just absolutely bizarre at times. Nancy jaffer's article post a link to it. Yeah, horse sport dot com. The other crazy news story that happened yesterday was the Mark Todd. I mean, this is like national news. I mean, it's all over. Yahoo in the sports and all the news outlets and how Mark Todd has been given back his training license..

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