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Be like twenty five hundred dollars at least here but they said it might not achieve the best results a cost per wear but they will be the most interesting the only thing i would say is if you're the cocktail party might want to avoid this because god no those what might happen soon are actually a really producing these they didn't just do it as a stunt for their are show you know it doesn't seem that they did the i mean i you know i mean they shouted in the show but it doesn't seem around that it was supposed to be a joke but i have to kinda below that it was just really wanted luke john kamara thumb really want to get the evening rolling this is the hotel was key here is one that i know you are a you were a harry potter fan all the books right i'm reading the first one right now with my nine year old but you've read them before and not all of them boy i have it because my son started the 12yearold descended of leg skipping ahead without me we started our reading together and then he left me and sorry this i don't think you're going to want to tell either of them about this but now the grownup harry potter fans i have their own lingerie okay so yes the lingerie the brand called yandi why a n d why and they have uh developed this set they called a spellbinding sets that is geared more towards grown up gif giffin doors is that what they're called rid of him the harry potter i was really on are never too old for my on doesn't interest me i don't know i i've seen like one of the move you know here's the funny thing and i would say if you have a kid who it long ago i mean lots of kids of red a millions of times but my 12yearold keeps wandering into the room when the 9yearold deny our reading and you i didn't expect him to do that because he's read the books on his own run i'd maybe even twice but he keeps coming in and he's totally get it he's and he's like bursting like he just wanted to like staff and the nineyearold is i don't know could stop targeting stop talking but he's like oh my gosh everything means something every person they're mentioning this is going to be important listen carefully this is going to matter it's kind of amazing well this you don't want him to read.

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