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ABC news styleite lounge for the crescent moon lets you tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto with progressive going to finally buy a ring for that Gallagher is you go into my condolences there's no there's in my because of the insurance company affiliates discounts available in all states or situations did you know that fifty three thousand people in Seminole county or experiencing food in security the hearing center in the prior to address the issue by matching every dollar donated up to fifty thousand dollars before December thirty first please visit the hearing center dot org in a recent survey forty percent of Americans said they're unsure if they'll have enough money to last them through our time for more than forty years the certified financial planner professionals and certified financial group has been providing retirement planning and investment advice for a fee and because they're independent bank that any house products to sell you a complimentary consultation my call for all seven eight six nine ninety eight hundred or one eight hundred execute certified financial what they're planning tomorrow today retirement planning and investment advice working for certified eyes recuperation registered investment going online to financial group dot com I just love this time of year don't you boys lads what is not the way that you spoke with one voice it's a time of year to be thankful to David with his cold open least well I noticed you sweat less so yeah I'm thankful to see I'm also thankful that we found a house without say Ted security and that the homeowners about a town soon it reminds me that houses out the Soviet safe touch installed a new system just yesterday well what about that house next door they didn't have safe no safe that's got them too yes it was a two for that day you know I was just starting to get into the thankful spirit into you bought at St that security so rubles we still have a lot to be thankful for I'm thankful if you truly down the house without saying.

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