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Nhs is you know he's running the players union same as isaiah thomas he's considered one of the most forceful personalities in the nba same as isaiah thomas he wants he's he thinks of himself as one of the smartest players in the nba same as isaiah thomas he wants to be is a at thomas i know that's what i'm saying ties air got two titles would and so that's what i'm saying he's falling short of that and that's why i think this is damage to his legacy the legacy he wants to have i don't think it's bad to want to emulate somebody or try to be like somebody and do everything that that person did you know especially when the guy was successful like isaiah thomas we look at what kobe did with michael jordan you know all the way down to the walk almost to the top five titles but he's happy would what he here i know he had his five and i don't think it is again to answer the question this is not going to hurt his legacy he's still going to be a hall of famer people would just have something say like he didn't wanna championship i know a handful of characters out here there's going to be in the hall of fame chris paul isn't the only guy with some pressure on him into night's game for but while most people think the rockets are feeling the heat down to one and on the road mike dan tony says the opposite is true right now to me goals has all the pressure there's still they gotta win the more you know we should come in with a whole bevis reiger giddy up in our name see he's right we're at home.

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