President Trump, Vice President, Capitol Police discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Matthews, Joe Biden and Comma. Harris will be the president and the vice president, according to the ballots that have been given to us Senator Amy Klobuchar reporting out the results is the long days. Counting of electoral votes came to an end at 3 45 this morning, President Trump released a statement a short time later saying, quote while I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out. Nevertheless, there will be an orderly transition. Four people died during yesterday's violent attacks that the capital, including a San Diego woman, who was shot by a Capitol police officer after she broke into the building, and three others died of a medical emergencies. Several pull These officers injured as well. At least 14 D C. Police officers were injured as they tried to help control crowds of Trump supporters on Capitol Hill Acting police chief Robert Conte, it was clear that the crowd was intent on causing harm throughout officers by the point chemical irritants on police. No forced entry into the United States Capitol building, The cops say two pipe bombs were found one at Republican National Committee headquarters and another at the building housing the Democratic National Committee. They also found a stash of Molotov cocktails on the Capitol grounds till NATO fox News. It may well be spring before most Prince William County school students can return to the classroom. They had been on track to all return for hybrid learning by early next month, But rising covert rates have school officials now proposing to keep Forth through 12th graders home until late April. 2nd and third graders would return to class next week is planned. A meeting will be held next week to make a decision on the proposal. Checking your money. The Dow futures up 65 points at this hour. The NASDAQ futures up 72 in Sports Bradley Beal tide of Wizards record by scoring 60 points, but it wasn't enough is they fall to the Sixers, ending a two game win streak.

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