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Ram one. Dancing count in richmond which is fantastic. Come around quick with the The short break between taipei twenty four grand farmland a match. What what is it my team. I think it is. I think it's about that a we'll ask you about the grandfather. But i'll think everybody's more excited to the fact alexi be able to go to gains fingers. Crossed will actually be able to in this stains with an ause beverage call paw and be able to just go crazy for a couple of well if every other than victoria is gonna be fallen It's just whether victoria's cayenne. Obviously that in the last few minutes as we speak how boston on wednesday than andrea says we added that fog dialup bannon victorious march restrictions will go back to to pray. So if that's the case You expected crabby. At least fifty percent will get the i feel for that when we get to the community series There are often full games in victoria. That white-cain threat. One dan Jameis bi stadium that get a testing ground for the crowds ads. Lip greece Yeah fingers crossed I'm looking forward to oregano probably rolling account. Richmond is a fame yeoman. County richmond is a hiccup on an attack on a up as much as a canaanite opening at random foot and oppose the cats on cairo. Well one of the things. I was gonna lead to twenty twenty one. It's got to be a massive season for you. But let's just rewind the clock a little bit twenty. Twenty grandfather will die. Unfortunately you guy. Down to the conquering richmond targets which. Who's decided that we in three full if you went back ten years ago while you're asked to never thought he was edmund. Probably the signpost. Bitcoin seven years ago. Why would you be investing in that analysis tom. Twelve months ago zoom twelve months ago. Anything all actually high harm office furniture. Full stop headed. The jalaun community reacts almost to the head of that sort of settled with them Moving into the obviously twenty twenty one. The area will be different disconnected because the cats were gone from her july line. Fans couldn't guard games. It was it was a different feel. I think in off suspect was a beautiful We will begin by bit. Assad and the caftans moved on pretty quickly. They wasn't a load of kicking the can down the straight by wildcat fans dragging the fate. I think pretty bullish about performances. I got to a grand final Incredible if it bar richmond geelong get the for stop Fainter match lochlann. Tom on the right of yet. Live on what july fought. July seeks eighty now gone until maybe yearly will visit the lightest. October twenty five zero. At least i could come home and some mexican dive in bulk. Took up while victoria. Battling accomplish things to hang around suck. I think Fans the sandeman from us by two was riding Disappointed probably nice disappointed that Ended eventually tyler up with another flag. Bought off think a a sense of all hang on. We'll with air. Batum cameron higgins smith family in the twenty twenty one gotta be shopping highly seemingly wasn't opportunity lost considering how you going into half time got the my main. Some just couldn't put the score on the board. I have to say that. Mr malaya's instead of just taken a normal set shot guys around the corner. It goes down the other industy. Does he's being lynched. Instead of having a nozzle buffa going into halftime it. Just broader all the white back in twenty nine. Pray limo live game You had that sense of deja vu that the cats dominated could never get far enough in front but then you look at a couple of things to the deed happened that you i will. That wouldn't only happened that little apple app. The saw dole hamble to sell things. Cancel themselves at Dangerfield that long haul Accurate in front of gaul. Just little things like that so they will bounce themselves at your grandma's the on i think we should we owning the finger lakes edge groen scoured bryan thousand fat wife and that's the way bronze comfortable. What he's locked to have that money back. No doubt a have accountable. Draymond twenty one. Twenty two points Second quarter but yeah win dusty keith. That goal. I think he got a job. College jasni pretty easily. And you just got that. Stinson gained while. I'm always keep that nas car on the third kodak The head john had to fought for. They galls reached in the second half and We got the result. And i think we've got the raw resolve like if you have a mutual observer football you would guy richmond winning the flag while the rock is out a modern geelong feigns. But i'll think wind hood anywhere near as much as two desmond and i can still talk about. That was actually at that time. So so i. I definitely feel pine from an observer's perspective it was twelve and five so he's in for yourselves. Your ended up runners-up up cam gaffer bay since i snow year remain. Chris got guys into his eleven season. This year he's got a percentage of Seventy percent which is actually pretty good but he still comes a lot of ridicule especially when it comes to the falls sold at the he's at warranted or is it. Just just how it. He's not warranted. It's warranted you judged on. hey. Coaching falls down. But there's a couple of habits to that the A little put on on. Chris scott's catching road in falls You say yourself beguiling set yourself up to filing why getting and he gets them the so it must be something wrong during during the year any king coach and he's got a good army lieutenant surrounding as well. What happens in Offering it's more a main Became it's come into for the cats A lot of a lot of ice falls in a suspect by found himself in a capitalize farmers going away behind and it just becomes a white too hot to carry suck but easy to auburn guilty as a very. It's like shooting fish in a barrel holes about decided officially barrer get prescott side Should have done more with these. Least use Twenty food item That lost with on a blind the blog Salad sony was targeted to pull chapman delegates. Suspended from that port allied fondly in the fraley oregon geelong wingman the gallon the flag by if i say to get beaten by the saw. That goes on wins. It except fratelli than twenty-seven Joma bait nap on to that yet at priming side. Look chris. Got three code will deserves to be microscopes as but do we dig deep enough Enough sometimes and the the thing is forty clubs such close books that they give you the fulling five and i got one to up the talk. Petty dangerfield played in the grand final. Why plight ford most of the the second half but clubs that getting at because in our looking for excuses it's easy.

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